Boyfriend of Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui shuts down the wine shop he opened for her

The boyfriend of Ghanaian actress shuts down the wine shop he opened for her... The wine shop of popular Yolo actress Fella Makafui has been shut down by her alleged boyfriend, a source close to the actress has told . .

 According to multiple sources, the Accra-based boyfriend of the actress is upset over her recent lifestyle and lack of attention for their relationship. . . The actress is reported to have suddenly withdrawn attention for the boyfriend, whom she has dated for some five years now, even though he rented her current three-bedroom apartment for her. . .

Domestic violence - You are simply not ready for marriage


It is so disgusting and irritating each time a married man told me that he resort to domestic violence because his wife provoked him to it

Nobody in this life should provoke you to violence, not even your parents or even the God you serve to have such right to make you do things you will eventually regret

Nobody has such power over you.

WINNER MISS UNIQUE NIGERIAN 2018... I fell in love with my confidence...

 I fell in love wit my confidence, energy, mindset, contentment, sincerity, flaming self-respect, introversion, imperfection yet Graceful, the thing has never remained the same, she is her everyday crush, Thanking God for the woman she has become... Queen Anny

American Based Nigerian Singer I am a SEX SYMBOL ..

 Am bigger than a song BITCH, am a brand, am a sex symbol, am a fashion icon, these hoes look up to me, I can drop 10music videos next month if I want to, I might, if you don't like me get used to it cause am getting started

Nollywood Actress Ruth Kadiri: I am NOT a Prostitute or Semi Prostitute....

Nollywood producer and screenwriter, Pascal Atuma, on Friday said that one has to be “a prostitute or semi-prostitute” to be successful in the Nigerian movie industry.
The screenwriter, who was speaking in an interview with TheCable, said that Nollywood is “controlled by pimps”.

He further advised upcoming actors and filmmakers not to be deceived by the glamorous lifestyles they see on social media.
“If you are not a full-time or semi-prostitute, you will not make it in Nollywood.
“Our ladies are using what they have to get what they want. Even some of the guys who can use their a** are the ones making it in Nollywood.



President Donald J Trump, joined Vice President Mike Pence and the US Secretary of Homeland security Kristjen Nielson, Wednesday, June 20, 2018, as he signs executive order to end family separation at the border.

"Women are not the worst enemies to women. Men are... by Collette Orji...

***Women Are Not The Worst Enemies To Women: MEN ARE! By Collette Orji***
Growing Takes Time. But Self Development, Self-realizations, experiences, decisions Take a whole life. And Finally, I’ve come to the point in my life where I can BOLDLY Declare MEN are the greatest enemies to Women & Not Women to women!

You may want to run your mouth on my post today about how Women are Also the worst enemies to Men - That’s Not the topic for today. Please hold on. 


She took to her Instagram Page and wrote: Hello world I introduce you to Santiago Enrique Baston. Thank you, everyone, for showering my baby boy with warm wishes, special thanks to @usahola. In light of my son's birth, I wanted to bring focus on the families that had been separated at the border.
Having my son next to me, I cannot imagine him being taken from my arms.

Singer Simi describe her moods in new pictures...

Mood Sometimes

Dangote's new son-in-law Jamil Abubakar allegedly impregnates side chic; I would have had his baby long ago...

You see these men?

Dangote's new son-in-law Jamil Abubakar allegedly impregnates side chic; she raises alarm, says "if anything happens to me or the baby, he's responsible".

Hahahah, I don't want to believe this.

CNN recognized Nigerian celebrities at the #METGALA in LAGOS

Another epic beef in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry in the UK...

Another epic beef in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry in the UK?

The wife of Media personality, Sone Eric took to Facebook this afternoon to call out author/movie producer, Bridget Benjamin (the woman in yellow).

Sone Vicky wrote:

"Bridget Benjamin AKA Fat ugly movie producer (some women fat but they are beautiful) I don't blame you, I blame your English teacher for primary school because if he was a good teacher u wouldn't have been hurting my inbox with your epileptic English blunder. "Mama I wrote a book" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ u need a spiritual teacher with a big long cane you fool with your fearful look like a masquerade.

Son of former Nigerian President drags wife to court over allegations of domestic violence one year after the wedding...

Son of former Nigerian President drags wife to court over allegations of domestic violence one year after the wedding (see all the court papers)

One year after their society wedding, the marriage of Olujonwo, son of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, and his wife, Temitope, daughter of billionaire businessman, Kessington Adebutu, is in crisis as Olujonwo has dragged his wife before the Ogun State Judicial Service Commission and the Magistrate Court in Lagos Island over allegations of domestic violence meted on him since their marriage was contracted.

AMBER ROSE expressed love to her fans in a magical way...

 If you are reading this, I love you

So Actress Nadia Buari's husband has a tattoo of her complete names behind his neck... If this isn't loving, then we don't know! Actress #NadiaBuari's husband has a tattoo of her name at the back of his neck. #cocowondesrblogaddicts #Cocowondersblog #MM

TOYIN ABRAHAM Says Life is not perfect but her Hair Is...

Be a warrior and not a worrier!! Be the same reason someone smile Today. 

Life isn't perfect but my hair is

Actress JULIET IBRAHIM and CEE_C Takes Selfie...


The past does not define your future

You Need To Run Away From Those Who are Walking Away From You - Collette Orji

***You Need To Run Away From Those Who are Walking Away From You - Collette Orji ***

In All Honesty, My dad was the MOST Peaceful man that ever Graced this Planet! His Peaceful Nature was TORMENT to my soul as a child. I Had no understanding why he just had to be extremely Peaceful. Gosh! I was Hurt by his Peace ... UNtill I Grew Up! 

Mercy Johnson with her babies

Twinning with my girls was fun๐Ÿ˜

Mercy Aigbe bought a new house in Lagos

she wrote:
 It's the Lord doing and it's beautiful in my sight, few months after the cake gift, I bought a beautiful house for myself and my kids in a Choice area in Lagos!!!!
Say hello to the new LANDLADY
 Thanks Lord Jesus! It can only be you.
 Big thank you to everyone for your congratulatory messages!! May God perfect everything that concerns you IJN.
 when I said Grace found me,i mean the amazing grace of the Lord found me!! This is just the beginning.
Latest LANDLADY in town.
To God be the glory.

Juliet Ibrahim - You Become What You Believe...

What Will You Say Juliet Repeatedly Do...Though Personally, I say ...You are what you repeatedly you see...its the same...

Actress Funke Akindele asked herself a question...

Asked a question!
Wetin I dey look for ground

Actress Rita Dominic - ONE WORD FOR THIS...




TeamCocowonders Newest Employee Amanda Patrick Says: In the past years, I struggle with my body to make a better difference...

In the past years, I struggle with my body to make a better difference, I was just a bony girl who had a flat ass and no hips, I could look back in my mirror and feel bad because I couldn't gain the body I wanted!

Lately, I started working work because I knew that was the only thing that could put me in shape,
I haven't worked out for long but the result is quite motivating! I don't believe in drugs and steroids, extremely hard work can give anyone their desire body!

You Have To Be Bold & Daring Enough To Defend Yourself - By Collette Orji

There I was just listening to some footballer talk during an interview, ( I can't remember his name, I would have added it here) but he struck the exact cord I was blabbing about that same day. I've been looking for time to write on this - Gosh! I am Busy!!!

People are so bold to remind you of your inadequacies. They will speak so loudly how you don't have this, You haven't done this, You need to get married, You must go to this church, You must believe in this Man of God, You should be able to have kids before 30, You still using your old car, How come you just don't send your kids to this specific school, But i'm here to expand and blab and provoke your thoughts once again.

Collette Orji - Fine Girl Versus Fine Boy Versus I Get Money Versus I’m Classy Can’t Sustain You For Long...

There’s Only one thing that will make the difference in how much you want to achieve, attain and become in this life.
It is called GRIT! ( now run along and google everything about this word).

Ini Edo Rocks A Pink Jumpsuit

The actress who has really stepped up fashion-wise posted the photos and captioned it; "PINK FRIDAY".

Kanye Drops $85,000 On Photo Of Whitney Houston's Drug-Strewn Bathroom To Use As Album Cover

Kanye West dropped $85,000 on a photo of Whitney Houston's drug-strewn bathroom to use as an album cover. In an interview this week rapper Pusha-T revealed Kanye- who co-produced his new Daytona album, decided to switch up the artwork, opting instead for the picture of the late singer's bathroom. '1 a.m., my phone rings, no caller-ID,' Pusha told Power 105.1 of the call he received from the 40-year-old Gold Digger rapper. '"Hey, yeah, I think that we should change the artwork. I like this other artwork."' he recalled Kanye saying. Pusha explained, 'Now this other artwork is 85 grand.

I Won't Abide By The Bible Rules Which Says Men Are The Head, Twitter User Promises

A female Twitter user, Monique Monrowe has said she won't obey the law of God which says men are the head. Monique says neither will she teach her children the doctrine as well. Lol, but the truth is, we all know when God speaks, that's final, no one can question is the authority. You can't. Even you that is trying to question His authority, He created you, without Him, you can't exist. So when the Supreme man says YES, you can't say no, Someone tells her, LMAO. Most people don't like the rules, especially no sex before marriage, no divorce and so on, but we can't change it, that's the REALITY.