Collette Orji - Change comes from humans & not the other way!

When I Think Of All Those Years When People Will Be Hiding Even ‘Pictures’ from Evil people who MAY take it to Native Doctors...

- Then I see the world now, the first snap the materials in the shop, snap the tailor as they measure them, snap as the cloth is finished, assemble it with the shoes & jewelry & snap again and post again, then the main day they snap again and post again. 

Then they snap and post again as they take it off!

Why will I belittle my self to call a woman...I am a man...Interesting Story By Gloria Omaliko - Kalu...

In front of my Hubby's office, an accident happened. The woman was driving a Camry and ran into a Keke man damaging the Keke beyond repair. The woman paid for the hospital bill and thank goodness it wasn't a serious injury.

The woman asked Keke man to give her his number so she can call later and see what she can do to purchase a new Keke for him. He refused. Hubby got the woman's number and assured her he will get the number. Hubby then persuaded the Keke man to give him his number which he reluctantly gave and hubby sent it to the woman.

Nollywood actress Juliet Mgborukwe Preparing to divorce her husband 'the second time'...Oh Wait For it...

Nollywood actress Juliet Mgborukwe Preparing to divorce her husband 'the second time'...Oh, Wait For it...She's divorcing him for Domestic Violence. So They Got married in 2011, a few months later in 2012, they separated.

A couple of years later, they got back together, and well, she's a mother of two. She's now divorcing him for domestic violence.

I think she gave a second chance...Whatever the situation, Let's say, they did their best...It is what it is. Read What Instablog9ja reported on Ms. Juliet  Below...

Happy Birthday at Blog Reader Queen Ike...

Cameroonian actress Solie Egbe - Each time we face our fears we gain strength

Each time we face our fears we gain strength. Courage and confidence is in the doing. Happy weekend guys...... She says..

Kim Kardashian and Little Big North West...

Peter P square says - Life Is Good....Well, He worked Hard ( video)

Our All - Time Bish Queen ... Joseline Harnandez

Our All-Time Bish Queen ...

President Emmanuel Macron and Business Tycoon Tony Elumelu In Lagos...

It was a great pleasure for me to host an interactive session with President @EmmanuelMacron of #France and 2000 young African entrepreneurs in #Lagos yesterday. This gathering was important particularly because President Macron understands the language of entrepreneurship.

He understands what they go through; their pain and pressure points, their hopes, aspirations and dreams and their imperatives for success. He has also been working hard to support entrepreneurs in #Nigeria and across Africa; a passion that we both share. What were some of your takeaways?

#investinginafrica #businessinafrica #franceafrica #afd #worldcup2018 #Macron #MacronInLagos #EmmanuelMacron

Man Known as Ifeanyi Akpa and Wife rom Ebonyi state arrested for battering their nephew

A man known as Ifeanyi Akpa and wife from Ebonyi state has been arrested by the Delta State Police for assaulting their 13 years old nephew Chigozie Ogbu who lives with them

Comrade Friday Okpako alleged that there were several reports of severe maltreatment and punishment meted on the boy daily by the couple who had four children

Nigerian Man who shocked Nigerians about his prediction

 I guess he should look into Nigeria future ...LOL Or better still Open A Dream Church!

Dbanj's 1 year old son drowns and dies in a pool at their Nigerian Residence

Dbanj's 1 year old son drowns and dies in a pool at their Nigerian Residence.Sad😔

Singer Dbanji 1year old baby got drown in his home pool

 Performing artist Dbanji and wife Lineo Didi lost their son Daniel.
Daniel died being drowned at Dbanji's residence in Lagos. His remains have been moved to Morgue at GRA, Ikeja.
It's so sad

Lady Gaga shows the restaurant she used to waitress for


She took to her Instagram page and wrote

Outside the restaurant, I used to waitress and bartend at. #equality.

So lovely after years!

CardiB is married to Offset with marriage certificate evidence

CardiB is married to Offset with a marriage certificate evidence! They went for a low key wedding!  No wonder he said ''' I appreciate my wife" during the bet awards.

CardiB reveal that she and Offset were secretly married

"I can't believe this man is a Pastor" Actress Georgina Onuoha slam Nigeria VIce president Osibajo

"GOD IS ANGRY" Singer Rudeboy square state why the super Eagles failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup


Singer Rudeboy square too to his Instagram Page and wrote "The blood of the dead has taken over! Weldone Super Eagles. God is angry with us"
Few hours after the Super Eagles were defeated and couldn't qualify for 2018 Worldcup

AMBER ROSE blast Racist Comment...

Divorce Attorney reveals more about Men and marriage...The concept of 'housewife' is no longer fashionable...

The Lies They Told Many Men.

I want to share with you what most single men in Nigeria have been told at least once in their lifetime. A mendacious piece of advice many men have been given. A true untruth. It is something about marrying and being responsible. More aptly, it is about marriage having the power and effect of transforming feckless or irresponsible men into gentlemen and home leaders. Folks, this is a big fat lie!

For what it's worth, my little experience as a divorce attorney has opened my eyes to the damage marriage can do to many lazy and irresponsible men. In the course of advising many clients on divorce and postnuptial matters, I discovered that many married men today are becoming more entitled, thus irresponsible. Yes, marriage is adding insult to their injury.

Man propose to girlfriend the same spot he met her 5years ago

"Where are you now?" Dammy asked for the umpteenth time, growing impatient. 

"I'm close. Just two bus stops away." I responded, not wanting her to panic.

The truth was that I had arrived at the spot I wanted her to be, along with Mummy Mo and Ozone. We just needed one more person to complete the plan - Dammy's brother, Ola.

So, I called and asked him to quietly leave the house without telling anyone. 

Lady Laura Ikeji reveal how rapper Eedris Abdulkareem made her a decent woman

Rapper propose to girlfriend before Starting his 20years sentence to jail

Nigeria Federal Government has failed said Senator Dino Malaye

 He took to his Instagram Page and wrote "Federal Government must protect Nigerians. It is what we collectively swore to do, for now, the government has failed absolutely in this regard and we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. Men, this is human lives we are talking about.

Newly wedded couple, husband killed wife in Lagos...