"Women are not the worst enemies to women. Men are... by Collette Orji...

***Women Are Not The Worst Enemies To Women: MEN ARE! By Collette Orji***
Growing Takes Time. But Self Development, Self-realizations, experiences, decisions Take a whole life. And Finally, I’ve come to the point in my life where I can BOLDLY Declare MEN are the greatest enemies to Women & Not Women to women!

You may want to run your mouth on my post today about how Women are Also the worst enemies to Men - That’s Not the topic for today. Please hold on. 

If you want to just run your mouth for curse's sake - please Advise Yourself. I’m not a comedian. Call Basket Mouth!

Nothing gives a man Worms like An awoken enlighten educated self-developed hardworking successful woman who says I am strong 💪🏽. 

It may even be the woman’s husband, Father, Fiancé- Men shudder when women chose to rise!

Women shake & gossip in groups & after a while, they start hiding & Liking the other woman waiting for other women to talk. Men go on Rampage & Plan your downfall. 

Sometimes, the most painful about this is it’s usually OUR SPOUSES! 

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. It’s not only the assassins fault, it’s the money roller. 

I’ve seen so much in this my small life on earth! Tough decision makings daily. And most times all in all - the most threatened are the people we love most. 

Who knows - Maybe It’s Love ❤️ 

Rise Up, Women! Rise Up! Developed yourself for your kids' sakes. Stand up for something you believe. 

Stop Losing Yourselves! Our parents did it and we have to become uncomfortable. 

Everything You NEED is On the Otherside Of Fear! Be Gritty!

Let me go back into my mood for today!

Allrights Reserved, © Collette Orji.

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