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I couldn't let the month of August end without making this post. In all my years on earth, my failures, successes, difficulties, progress, strife, falls, fights, awards, achievements, work, family, friendship and the things that my life went through - The only foundation I can need from friends is Loyalty.

My Husband says Fly as High as You Can & If You Fall, I Will Be Here To Catch You - Vivian Uloma Dimba

 Mission moment#Mimo

 —————————— I'm just getting back to my house. It's almost 1 am. Also got me back this late 2 nights ago. It's been this way since i joined a new political party. As the finance director of the party, I like to think I'm at the beck and call of my principal , who's a wonderful man by the way. By sponsoring the " not too young to run bill, he managed to put Nigerian youths and Africa at large on the map. But this post isn't about him. It's about my husband. For supporting me.

Nollywood actress Ruby Orjiakor Glows In traditional Custums during epic movie shoots...

Toke Makinwa's Glow Available - When you Glow, you have nothing to hide...

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So, I woke up the other day and I was like, Has Posh not for holidays this summer 2018?
You see, when you are always EXTRA like Posh and serve Hotness yearly for Life, people like cocowonder becomes so indulged in those practices. I'm here to tell my wonders that Please, calm down, Posh went for her Vacation and here is the proof.
If this disturbs you, just go for your vacation, make sure you BANGING ,and send cocowonder the Period. We Love Assurance! Period!

Collette Orji - Happy Official Birthday To Me...

I have waited for this day for so long! I’m Happy, I’m exactly where I yearned to be & I’m Doing Everything I’m supposed to be doing! Happy Birthday to the most remarkable Collette Nkemakonam Orji You Will ever know! I Rock 🤘🏽. This is My Favorite Picture In 2018. Post a picture of me below 👇🏽 that is YOUR OWN favorite pic of me. This is Mine. This day - was a Huge Day For Me! I was So Proud Of my Journey. I am A Star ⭐️Very Deserving & Worthy One🤞🏾 I am the Change That I Want To See In The World 🗺 #ToMoreThanICanBe🙌🏾

Mission Moment: If You Are Real & Consistent, Even Those Who ‘Hate’, Dislike, & Misunderstand You Will Speak About Your Realness - By Collette Orji

I started working somewhere in Houston. I resumed Work Officially December 4th, 2017. During my second week at work, I already encountered loads of disagreements & Boy! Extra Dislike! I met Princess During my first week! We clicked & even exchanged numbers. We even made an appointment to meet in school where she would help me with some locations since she knew the campus better.

Unfortunately for me, Princess had a whole other click of friends & those my loads of disagreements was with Princess’s Close Mutual friend.