Domestic violence - You are simply not ready for marriage


It is so disgusting and irritating each time a married man told me that he resort to domestic violence because his wife provoked him to it

Nobody in this life should provoke you to violence, not even your parents or even the God you serve to have such right to make you do things you will eventually regret

Nobody has such power over you.

On the 11th of July, 2012 I had a terrible dream where in the course of I trying to  resist my uncle who was trying to correct me by hitting me slumped and died, it was a terrible "sontin" because I hardly dream and even if I did I seldom remember those dreams when I woke up

But if I dream and remember the dreams trust me those dreams do "come correct" so with this terrible dream I discussed it with my mum and she advised us to pray 

And yes we did

Three days later I had a disagreement with another of my uncle (let's say uncle B for the purpose of clarity) about politics which led to calling names and eventually led to a crowd but I kept my cool because of the dream I had about uncle A 

So uncle A heard of our disagreement and rushed home met the crowd outside and demand to know what's happening,he came in and asked why I was shouting on top of my voice against uncle B,he eventually slapped me not once,twice or thrice but countless times but I kept my cool even though I know could be mad sometimes because of the dream I had about him

Three days later sadly Uncle A had an accident and died before they could rush him to the hospital

Now you can call the dreams and unfolding events in just eight days as irrelevant and pure coincidence but the fact remained that the dreams changed my life forever

It changed my life not because I now know too well not to take my dreams for granted but to not always hit back even when faced with injustice laces with provocation

No matter how hurt you are making your point in a violent manner already makes you a weakling and a big fool

What if I had retaliated the slap and he died instantly?

I would have been in jail by now or even in the grave for manslaughter

It also makes me realize that there are some people who are already designed by nature to die at one particular time and place but because of your arrogance, stubbornness, and attitude towards violence you will end up being the person who helped nature makes that design comes correct"

Some people are walking corpse that is looking for who will honor their deaths by ensuring they go to jail after their deaths while some are looking for who will die outrightly and follow them as the handbag to the grave

Please don't be that one person

Please quit any marriage if you can no longer bear your wife's provocation

Please quit that marriage/relationship if you always find yourself hitting your spouse 

Please quit that marriage if you think the best way of resolving any disagreement is through violence that will lead you eventually to death or prison

Quit to live

You are simply not ready for marriage

This life is too sweet

There is no beer and hoe in heaven faa

coco's note:
I waited to hear about his resolve on arguments and debates with feeble-minded people and he said nothing! I can't cope with people like this who are by all means using religion ONCE again to sound sanctimonious...Readers enjoy1 Not for me!

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