Collette Orji - Fine Girl Versus Fine Boy Versus I Get Money Versus I’m Classy Can’t Sustain You For Long...

There’s Only one thing that will make the difference in how much you want to achieve, attain and become in this life.
It is called GRIT! ( now run along and google everything about this word).

Your resilience Will Keep you through out the journey!

I have seen people from the poorest homes graduate 
I have seen one child turn a whole village around.
I have seen Football Stars emerge from the poorest parts of town.
I have seen a girl, CocoWonder Born by two parents who were just figuring out life come out of her mothers Uterus & become so GRItty, resilient, Fierce, Toughened ( the world teaches you this on for FREE), grow so beautiful, Filled with Wisdom, Refused to Bow down to Norms without asking questions, Live so healthy, Be so outspoken, become a source of strength to thousands of women across the globes. No! I’m no ordinary Woman & No! It’s No Miracle.

It is called GRIT!

May you all break Norms!
May You all Become Uncomfortable so you will need to dream with your Eyes Open this time around.

Be Resilient! 

Be More Than You Can Be๐Ÿ˜˜
Be Compassionate! Be Law Abiding Citizens and be Fucking GRItty!

To More Than We Can All Be๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

All rights reserved, © Collette Orji.

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