The Reality About Forgiveness - It's An Idealogy By Collette Orji...

I wrote an article about Forgiveness, I said there's nothing like Forgiveness, That people gotta let go of somethings for greater things, or just move on from things because we actually have no choice or powers about yesterday. Which is why They will tell you everything you have ever done, when issues arise.

I will End A Relationship, Marriage, Divorce,Remarry, Be Single, Be Single Mum,Step Mum - Anything I Want As Needed By Collette Orji.

 Things Change, People Change, Times CHANGES Every time. There's so much going on and Very Little connection. A Woman Who has never been married considers herself very apt to give sound advice to married women, Yet cry's Fowl when a woman who is married multiple times gives advice to married women, Yet we all Love our mothers.

 This is the deal: People are seriously Blind to their issues. These issues of married, single, divorce will linger for discussions till thy kingdom-come, why? The world ain't ending anytime soon! I will marry you if i have a reason to, i will divorce you if i have a reason to. I will Fight for you if i have a reason to, I will walk away if i have a reason to. All of these i will do again and again and again as long as my brain functions properly and i have the rights to do so. Wait For me, Till I come To take Permission from You to do any...

Davido - I'm moving to Banana Island

Davido is leaving his Lekki home and moving to Banana Island in the coming weeks.

He needs More Space To pack and show off his new Rolls Royce

Nigerian Artist Timaya Decides To Splurge Himself With Maybach & G-Wagon Rides - Blame Hardwork...

Nigeria's Music ICON Says he just wants to Spoil Himself A little

You Must Agree with me that this is ALLOWED

Cristiano Ronaldo - The Woman He Thinks Of, The Only Woman In His Heart

He NEEDS no Intruduction...You all Know Cristiano Ronaldo and his Goals.

You all know the days when he was linked with every Woman across the globes. So many things happen in everyone's life until they finally mature, GROW UP and the true meaning of life will set in and ONLY then will you truly enjoy life.

Merry Christmas

Nollywood Actress Ijeoma Grace Agu Celebrates Five Years Anniversary With Hubby...

Wow, so we made it to 5years!!!!
You, Master, is a STRONG man!!!
@danieloriahi cheers...... 
P.S - come lemme whisper to you how strong you are *wink *

They are both in the Show Biz and proud parents.

Success is a Personal Standard...reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be Says Zig Ziglar - Collette Orji

Success is a Personal Standard...reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.

Nigeria's Bobrisky - What A Waste OF Time To...

Meanwhile, In other news, I just felt that we should remind you lot, that It is a total waste of time to dislike, Hate or even pretend to NOT LIKE Bobrisky.

Okuneye Idris has over 700,000 followers on Instagram, Even more, social media presence than your business, Make a minimum of About 2,000 dollars monthly from Only Snapchat, Add that to Instagram ad Deals and Presence.

Ghanaian Actress Lydia Forson - I am my mother’s daughter...I love that I’ve seen what it’s like to age not just beautifully but without apology

So, There I was in the middle of data presentation and SQL taking the green lights off me. I was blocked, so I requested we continue the whole Data Analysis after fifteen minutes break. Picked Up My Phone and this UNIQUE Photo of Ghanaian actress appeared on our Instagram Page.

I love my staff and team, they know how to kill it most time - Too Apt!

Linda Ikeji's Uterus - Our Problem As Written By Collette Orji

Nigeria's Billionaire Blogger and Internet Guru Linda Ikeji Lives & Lives On Social Media.
Well, She Lived OFF Gossips & the Dollars Of Blogging and seems to sometimes if not most times depend on Validation From the same Internet! Live by the Gun, Die by the gun...Right?

The first thing that came to my mind when I was reading Linda Ikeji's post on her Son's dad, Sholaye Jeremy, I was happy that post was on her blog. I was like Damn! Imagine how much she's gonna make from that post. Bloggers don't play!.

Linda Ikeji Was born and raised in Nigeria. She struggled for the most part of her life to be something worth emulating. She's tried different career part in Nigeria and for the most part, Life was tough! After all of these, Blogging Paid off. Blogging sometimes means, spending HOURS sitting with only your laptop from room to the sitting room to your friend's party, to your hotel room to that wedding anniversary, You got your laptop with you and you open it and blog at any time! It's such a difficult job with so much discipline. Just imagine being paid for all the Spews Y'all drop on Facebook, entirely your hard word -Mostly!

Stay Away From Negative People, They Have A Problem For Every Solution -Quote By Albert Einstein'...Coco Wonder Writes Her End Of The Year Epistle, Nov 2018

'Stay Away From Negative People...Coco Wonder Writes Her End Of The Year Epistle, Nov 2018

To Most of You, The Year is coming to an end. You are waiting for December 31st to activate the new year which starts on January 1st.
Companies, Firms, Offices, Businesses have already ended their Fiscal year and have activated Budgets, Bills, new laws, new company policies for 2019.

I am Coco Wonder! I am A Company To Myself By Myself. I also have activated my new fiscal year.
My Friends already know this.
They know my year ends in November.
So, Happy new years to all my Wonders, Because I really won't say this Again!