You Have To Be Bold & Daring Enough To Defend Yourself - By Collette Orji

There I was just listening to some footballer talk during an interview, ( I can't remember his name, I would have added it here) but he struck the exact cord I was blabbing about that same day. I've been looking for time to write on this - Gosh! I am Busy!!!

People are so bold to remind you of your inadequacies. They will speak so loudly how you don't have this, You haven't done this, You need to get married, You must go to this church, You must believe in this Man of God, You should be able to have kids before 30, You still using your old car, How come you just don't send your kids to this specific school, But i'm here to expand and blab and provoke your thoughts once again.

As long as people are bold and daring enough to destroy you and ruin you and even attempt to destroy your family, speak ill of your kids ...Then You must Know this and remember this

You Must Be Bold, Daring, Unapologetic ENough To Defend Yourself and Protect What Matters To Both You, Your Family, Your Name and your Happiness.

The world will sing your mistakes and drool over anything they feel you haven't achieved or attained and failed, or anything that according to their own standard ain't working for you. No! It's not a battle, you should be in your lane, your space but speak from your most peaceful Podium and let it be known.

Sing Your Praises

Sing Your Successes

Sing Your goodness

Sing Sing Sing...

Because,  the world will sing your divorce, your misfortunes, your pains, your failures, they will be so bold about it that you will sit and wonder their  Impunity.

Shout Out your praises, Defend your right to be in your space and protect your divinities. Life has NEVER been for the Feeble minds  Anyways.

We all deserve to be on this Planet! Live and Let Live.

All Rights Reserved,© Collette Orji

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