You Need To Run Away From Those Who are Walking Away From You - Collette Orji

***You Need To Run Away From Those Who are Walking Away From You - Collette Orji ***

In All Honesty, My dad was the MOST Peaceful man that ever Graced this Planet! His Peaceful Nature was TORMENT to my soul as a child. I Had no understanding why he just had to be extremely Peaceful. Gosh! I was Hurt by his Peace ... UNtill I Grew Up! 

I’m Hoping I DIDn’t finally GROW UP too late cause gosh! I love a little ice cream here & there you know. 

I want to give you all FOR FREE one of the greatest teachings from my Peaceful Late Father Godwin ( Yes, that’s His Name).

We were seated one sunny evening outside in the house at the village. Then two things happened ‘Instantly ‘.

The same moment I saw someone walking through the bushes & Corners Of someone else’s house opposite us, was the same moment my Dad RAN into the house. I’m a Smart Girl ( You can ask Google - Is Coco A Smart Girl? )

Then the coast Got cleared & My Dad walked out & sat down again as if Nothing happened. 

Well, I asked! Why Didn’t you want Johnny to see you?
(Let’s call Him/her Johnny).
My dad laughed and said you noticed? I said YES I did. He said No Nne, 
Johnny DON’T want to see me. So I am ‘HELPING’ Johnny To NOT SEE ME!!!!

I laughed! It was funny, odd, weird, stupid, dulling - Until I saw him do it again & again with ANYONE that took away his peace. I monitored the people who trouble my dad look for him, I watched him RUN away from them till they attained Peace. 

Then, I decided to Try it when I started really growing up! I was SHOCKED! 
Very shocked at how effectively EXCELLENT it proved. Then I became a master of this ART!
Now I am King of Staying, running, FLYING AWAY from anyone that;

•Competes with me for trivialities.
•Takes Away My Peace.
•Openly & Subtly Shades me falsely.
•Hates me at my back & comments on my post publicly.
•Does Not Keep my Confidential Confidential. 
• Too Many ‘Mutual’ Friends that I don’t Get Along With. 
•Have Affinity To Bash Others Little beginnings. 
•Feels Entitled cause you related to either me or my Husband. 
•Does NOT have Common Sense. 
•Is Overtly Religious & Character DIRTY!

Etc! Etc! Etc!

I’m at work now & so please I need to work!

I RUN away from ANYONE who is HIDING from me. Yes! I’m my own team. I am comfortable in my OWN Company! 

I am my father's child - Just Not That Peaceful BUT I am my father's Child. 


Runaway From Anyone Who ‘takes’ Away your Peace. 


Allrights Reserved, © Collette Orji.

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