Mmesoma, and the Forge UTME JAMB Results (I am Incapable of doing this )


 Remember those days when you stole a common ‘fowl’ in the streets, fought with the school teacher in primary schools, abuse a colleague in primary/secondary schools & nothing can happen: Those days are over! There’s a new sheriff in town. It is called Social Media (SM) & its Director - CAMERA!

Get Serious Folks! Know this! Understand this! Ye are No Longer Free! 

It is really easy to lie to strangers, cause you can afford to be that version of your imagination. It is very easy to lie to a stranger about the life and money you need when you need to Lie to a friend.  The stakes are different!

Mmesoma, just admitted to Forging her UTME JAMB results post to her previous video of she saying she is incapable of forging her results. Her Dad apologized, I know you and, and you really wanted Mmesoma to be right, once again, your days of being playful, stupid, wrong, ignorance are OVER! 

Learning more about social psychology can enrich your understanding of yourself and the world around you. By learning more about how people view others, how they behave in groups, and how attitudes are formed, you can gain a greater appreciation for how social relationships influence individual functioning.

Your days of making such bold Jokes, attempts are over! Social media is here to stay! BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!

Those shenanigans acts you did and was managed and hidden from the masses even when you did them publicly are over!

Just imagined being Mmesoma’s dad and trusting her!

Imagine being Mmesoma‘a mother and trusting her!

Imagine being that HUMAN on social media & trusting her & you get so shattered!

So many have no understanding still how social media actually work

Join The Cult Of Common Sense

 Join The Cult Of Common Sense! 

Be Guided!

Here are my friends, with over 25 years of friendship recently on a trip I made to Toronto, Canada! We don’t talk every day, value & respect stand out!

You know them!

Many years ago; Growing up, in the absence of social media, we were Lucky … & lost out in some good things too.

This article will focus on the things we actually were lucky with.

If we had arguments, disagreements, and nuances - there would have been evidence of them all on social media today. 

If we had embarrassing boyfriends, misleading friendships, bad behaviors, you could have been able to trace them today. 

Imagine all the really ‘bad’ things that happened to so many people around you ‘ publicly’, everything would have been on Social media ( SM ) today. 


The 11-year-old boy who stole a chicken and is a medical doctor in London today would have had a video of him today on SM. 

The little girl who had a miscarriage while in secondary school and the whole school watched it displayed, who is a successful neurosurgeon today would have had that miscarriage video on SM. 

The many altercations in school days, the quarrels between a parent, the day you insulted that teacher, 

the child you abandoned out of fear, 

the many women you raped, 

or were raped, 

the very many incidents wrapped up in ‘growing up in Africa’ that YOU YOU 

YOU had to deal with or be dealt with!

Imagine that it was all displayed on SM at that time and anyone can FIND FIND FIND them today! Most of us(you) would NOT have gone on to BECOME the greatness that we(you) REPRESENT Today! 

Have you thought about that? 

Do you think about these things?

Just imagine; if the things you did, your sisters, your brothers, and your best friends did in secret are all displayed in today's social media?

Do you EVER think about these things?

Are you GROWN UP Yet? Are you ready to be a grown-up? Have you developed yourself yet? 

Do you know that if you have 5 confident friends, you become number 6th?

Do you know that if you got 5 Dumb friends, you become the 6th?

To Be continued … Next Post!

To more than I can be!

©️ Collette Orji #CocoWonder