I will End A Relationship, Marriage, Divorce,Remarry, Be Single, Be Single Mum,Step Mum - Anything I Want As Needed By Collette Orji.

 Things Change, People Change, Times CHANGES Every time. There's so much going on and Very Little connection. A Woman Who has never been married considers herself very apt to give sound advice to married women, Yet cry's Fowl when a woman who is married multiple times gives advice to married women, Yet we all Love our mothers.

 This is the deal: People are seriously Blind to their issues. These issues of married, single, divorce will linger for discussions till thy kingdom-come, why? The world ain't ending anytime soon! I will marry you if i have a reason to, i will divorce you if i have a reason to. I will Fight for you if i have a reason to, I will walk away if i have a reason to. All of these i will do again and again and again as long as my brain functions properly and i have the rights to do so. Wait For me, Till I come To take Permission from You to do any...

 Hello Woman, Go and Marry - Women!
 Hello woman walk away when the marriage is no longer working - Women!
 Hello woman, You are divorced - Women! Hello Woman, You married again - Women!
 Hello Woman, who will marry you again? - Women!
 Hello woman, You can still remarry - Women!
 Hello woman, Get out of that marriage, No be by Force - Women!

 Yet! Some people really rely on these 'What will People now say' Curse.

 The day i will say, i will tolerate every kind of nonsense from any man, woman, relationship is the day the world Puts a law against 'Women Owning Empires' AND Since that law may not happen in my life time, I still own my Uterus & Mind & abide by the law.

 I can walk out of any damn marriage, and walk into any goddamn marriage as long as i can.
 I can do this over and over and over again. I won't be the first, neither will i be the last.
 Till You understand that You Go through your PAINS ALONE, You will still be in this world seeking Permission. What A Slavery!

The one whe never see Husband dey yab the one whe dey divorce, then go back to their families, They win championship of divorces and unmarried. Nonsenses!!!

 A divorced woman cannot educate on how to keep a marriage, Yet you go to church for a man of God to preach from a book you have read for over 30 years, the same stories over and over - What is 'Duller' than that?

 Let him that want to be single - Be Single!
 Let Him that want to be married - be married!
 Let him that want to be divorced - be divorced!
 Let him that want to advice/not advice - Continue!
 Let him who's job it is to talk - Talk! Na For Facebook & Social Media It Actually All Ends - No Be so?

 Your Money, Your Talk, Your Data, Your Time - As It were in the beginning, so shall it be.

 To More than I can ever be

 Allrights reserved © Collette Orji


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  2. Very true.... To more than I can be. I gat too much love for you Coco❤❤


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