Linda Ikeji's Uterus - Our Problem As Written By Collette Orji

Nigeria's Billionaire Blogger and Internet Guru Linda Ikeji Lives & Lives On Social Media.
Well, She Lived OFF Gossips & the Dollars Of Blogging and seems to sometimes if not most times depend on Validation From the same Internet! Live by the Gun, Die by the gun...Right?

The first thing that came to my mind when I was reading Linda Ikeji's post on her Son's dad, Sholaye Jeremy, I was happy that post was on her blog. I was like Damn! Imagine how much she's gonna make from that post. Bloggers don't play!.

Linda Ikeji Was born and raised in Nigeria. She struggled for the most part of her life to be something worth emulating. She's tried different career part in Nigeria and for the most part, Life was tough! After all of these, Blogging Paid off. Blogging sometimes means, spending HOURS sitting with only your laptop from room to the sitting room to your friend's party, to your hotel room to that wedding anniversary, You got your laptop with you and you open it and blog at any time! It's such a difficult job with so much discipline. Just imagine being paid for all the Spews Y'all drop on Facebook, entirely your hard word -Mostly!

But! She's A GIRL who had a dream, Her dream IS Valid, Like the dreams of so many Nigerian women and men likewise. But Linda's dream of success Paid off! It paid off so much that Some people don't understand. If Only they know how much Linda makes from Blogging monthly - I bet you, They will change occupation today, Like right NOW!!!


Hmmm! Personally, growing up: I Didn't really have this dream, Naaah! I really didn't think much about this. Most of the children I was raised up with did not have 'MARRIED PARENTS', so I never really thought this way. The first time, the ideology of marriage dawned on me, was definitely when I returned to Nigeria, But this article ain't about me today. So Coco Wonder, Focus!

Nigeria is the MOST DIFFICULT country for a SINGLE SUCCESSFUL WOMAN! I say this in a very bad way! Especially, if you are from the IGBO/ Eastern Nigeria tribes. Everything among them is Woman, Church, Marriage, Children! The whole lives there is centered ONLY on these. I tell you, it's so hard that Even with all your stance, confidence, discipline, well mapped out life, These things GET TO YOU even as much as you pave your pathway.

You Look at half of these women Getting married and you know, These are decisions of poverty and desperations sometimes, YET, Little girls 10, 15, and even 20 years younger than you are, actually just keep getting married, having kids, in these outrageously bizarre conditions and you know it should be better, Yet... It seems to society that 'THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ACTUALLY HAVE SENSE'.

Linda Ikeji's mindset towards, women, marriage, wife, Family is SIMPLE MINDED. She never broadened her ideologies on the Feminine Prowess, BUT HOW CAN YOU? When you have parents reminding you of how you REALLY need to find a husband for yourself, Your younger sisters FLAUNTING their marriages, kids, on every social media platform (IN THEIR RIGHTS), Yet You practically take care of everyone Financially and You just can't find a man for yourself (Hazards of Blogging - Too much indoor time).

I have a friend. One of my closest friends, Her kid sister got pregnant at 15, she had a baby girl, she QUIT school, and guess what? She went on having two more kids. By 20, she had 3 kids, and no money or job etc. My Friend Raised those kids with her mother (The Kid's Grandmother).
My friend couldn't even find/keep a relationship. Then, by 30, she had no man, no child, no relationship, but lots of degrees and job and three beautiful little nieces and nephews that she's taking care of.
The kid sister by this time, got married to her kid's father, moved out of the country with her husband, started school and graduated recently, came home and took her kids and my friend had her first child at thirty-five after so many disappointments -UNMARRIED STILL! The last time we mentioned this topic - She said, Collette, I really wish I had my child since, Look at me, I was here raising my baby sis kids, Now she's a graduate, married, and mother of three. We talked about the good...But You see this Life, It Humbles You Naturally.

The most beautiful girls during my school days, some of them - You remember them cause you really know them. Life dealt with most of them very unpleasantly. I'm telling you! Life will so Mess You Up. You think you are beautiful, the smartest in class, 15 years, 18 years old, and you think you know Shit, Life is waiting for you at the other end.

Some are so beautiful and They still searching for Husbands.
Some have been going from Husband to Husband, Relationship to relationship and We All JUST DON'T KNOW what is coming next.

Life is so Bitchy1 Life must Be A Woman! So Mean!

Linda Ikeji's Deepest Desire is also to find herself a man, one that she can also call her husband and raise a family with. If Linda was raised in the western world, or her mind has opened wider into the practical realities of life, Maybe, just maybe, She would want the things she considered the most a little less, and a little less Publicly too. But you must bear with us, As writers, WE TALK TO MUCH! It's a thing about those who write. Writing is the best job that ever existed.

Wait! What am I even saying? Beyonce didn't just get married but stayed when her husband cheated, they worked things out. Come On, Beyonce Got three kids. Imagine, even Beyonce NEEDS a husband in the western world  - WOW!

Kim Kardashian has married, remarried, and remarried again Three Freaking Times, has Three kids and planning a fourth child. So, even the sexiest Doll on the planet NEEDS a HUSBAND and works on keeping one.

Do You know Jeniffer Lopez? Married how many times, and still Needs her man?

Khloe Kardashian KNEW for a long time that Tristan was a cheat, Not Committed to Marriage But societal Pressures and the fact that her sisters had kids, and the younger ones will also come have kids and maybe even husbands, She HAD her precious baby True with THE Uncommitted Tristan.

Angelina Jolie dated Brad Pitt for 8 years, then divorced him just two years after their marriage. Like WTF! What didn't they see those eight years?


Let me differentiate something here: These women I listed above, are celebrities in a western world that judges these women on a different pedestal. They are OKAY with everything ON love and relationships because EVERYONE EVERYWHERE IS STRUGGLING WITH SOMETHING THEY WANT BETTER!

Linda Ikeji, couldn't be blunter because of the society she lives in. Only Marriage woulda coulda VALIDATED HER, She thinks/thought! I'm Hoping she knows better Now!

All the back and forth she's gone with Nigerians, is simply because she CARES how you all see her. She cares about your Validations. This is a curse to most celebrities EVERYWHERE! I urge celebrities to do more in living for themselves also in private matters because they too deserve Loving...WE ALL DO!

Linda Ikeji Loved Sholaye enough to be a wife! She couldn't see why not, Why he didn't see her that way. We are women, we ALL have been here at some point if you are 30 and above. But He wasn't GOING to Wife her - She KNEW. Women always Know!

Linda Ikeji knew that he was NOT going to Wife her!
Linda Ikeji knew That She can't survive Nigerians if she had an IVF baby!
Linda Ikeji Knew Her Parents may not understand 'THIS' Surrogacy Business!
Linda Ikeji Knew Being 38years old as a female and Trying to get pregnant could be difficult. I REALLY DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT 'THAT' ENGAGEMENT! WHEW!!!

Linda Ikeji CARES too much how you all see her, and sometimes, Like most human being, just want a little more LOVE.


The women you see everywhere here, above 30, in Nigeria, especially Nigerians, Just want their own Husband, Life, and Family and if they had 2% of Linda Ikeji's wealth, would be carrying their second Pregnancies By Now.


Be careful! BeMindful! Oh, Thou Woman Who Thinks That Linda Ikeji Has Done Something 'Inconceivable' There is a Bitch Called LIFE! That BigSister Called Life DON'T PLAY!

Thanks For Reading! #ToMoreThanICanBe

AllRights Reserved, © Collette Orji

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