The Reality About Forgiveness - It's An Idealogy By Collette Orji...

I wrote an article about Forgiveness, I said there's nothing like Forgiveness, That people gotta let go of somethings for greater things, or just move on from things because we actually have no choice or powers about yesterday. Which is why They will tell you everything you have ever done, when issues arise.

 They now fix it with Forgive but don't forget...If You believe in these things, you may live longer with more peace, But we know its a figure of speech! The next day my boss called me into the office and our topic was how Forgiveness is unrealistic and almost fictional. She says she doesn't know how Church people sell these lies. As I walked out of my boss's office, I wondered if she sees or reads my Facebook articles. I really don't like bringing my work people into my Social space! They should mind their business!

 Just make the mistake of thinking what Coco did to A or B in the past is over, That day you will hear all that Coco has ever done wrong! Also know, that Coco remembers vividly everything that you have ever done wrong.

 This is fact and reality!

 Both Friends & Enemies will remind you all that you have ever done wrong when the time comes. I don't look at people and say this one has forgiven me...

Hahahahahaha! People joke too much! Have you seen divorced couples fight publicly? You will be shocked at the number of Shit They Both LIED that they had Forgiven! Don't be fooled. Every Shit you have ever done to me is alive in my memory. Every Shit I have ever done to you is in your memory!

 Let's just live & let live ---Where we can

 Coco once again on UNpopular Topics!

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