Stay Away From Negative People, They Have A Problem For Every Solution -Quote By Albert Einstein'...Coco Wonder Writes Her End Of The Year Epistle, Nov 2018

'Stay Away From Negative People...Coco Wonder Writes Her End Of The Year Epistle, Nov 2018

To Most of You, The Year is coming to an end. You are waiting for December 31st to activate the new year which starts on January 1st.
Companies, Firms, Offices, Businesses have already ended their Fiscal year and have activated Budgets, Bills, new laws, new company policies for 2019.

I am Coco Wonder! I am A Company To Myself By Myself. I also have activated my new fiscal year.
My Friends already know this.
They know my year ends in November.
So, Happy new years to all my Wonders, Because I really won't say this Again!

It was Another Very Extremely Great Year For me!!! I got so great at everything that I needed this 2018 that, I started reading once again about Albert Einstein...I think we are related! We Must be!!!

My friends 'MESSED' me up with their Presence in my life. The problem with my friends is this, Just Call -They SHOW UP! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT KIND OF HUMAN BEINGS ARE THOSE?

For my birthday, My friend Precious sent me a PHONE from Lagos? Who Does that? Who Buys A Phone from Nigeria & sends to someone in America? This is while all the people from Nigeria sometimes think 'there's nothing good in Nigeria'... I personally think My friend Precious is Mad! She must be a Mad Star! I'm beginning to love Mad Stars More.

Ma Chic Brenda got a private Tailor who has made clothes for me in the past, got special styles and fits, and made so many dresses for me, I haven't even taken pics with them to send to her. As If that's not enough, She won't let me rest with her resilience and genuine praises of everything I put my hands into. She's kinda the first customer I have even if I start selling Tap Water, I tell you, She's MAD! Very Mad!

Please Pay $1000 into Mary's account -DONE.
Please Transfer 1Million Naira into Ada's account - DONE.
Keep this $10,000 for me $ Purchase this Asset - DONE.
Brenda is Confirmed & certified MAD! What An Asset! A Gift To Me.

Delia, I really don't like talking about you Publicly! If I had my way today - I will ignore your name & let you call me privately & rake - I will laugh the whole day 'intentionally'.
You Chose to be my Friend, My sister, My Manager, My Publicist, My Mother! You Looked around and couldn't choose someone else, that's how I know You Must be Mad! I mean, Who Chooses This Gritty Wonder To be an affiliate.
The businesses and Plans and everything we talk on daily is enough to make me feel like I've got 30 billion already. You Can google Davido!
I'm trying to still Hide you, so let me mention what you did A month ago. Hey Delia, You Got $1000 or $2000 dollars right now, I need it asap. She responds I'm transferring $2000 okay. No questions asked. Fifteen minutes later, Alert $2000 dollars.
Delia, You Are A Mad Star! What's wrong with You All? Can't you guys ask me some questions sometimes? Na wa oh!

Thank You so Much For This One - You Know How That Deal Makes me happy. We CAN'T Share...LOL...

I Wanted to End this list here, I really get scared mentioning some of my Mad friends' names, BUT!!! Someone Made the list of My life, especially in the last Three years! I would like to talk about this very Mad Girl - Zenith!!! You Are Mad!!! A Mad Star!
Zenith is a Designer, She Owns ZAG (Zenith Astonishing Glam)If You see the Glamour dress Zenith made for me on my birthday...She's mad. We fought so much on paying. I said I must pay and the fight hasn't ended because she Refused my money. She's very mad, this one sef!
She Lives in Abuja, made the dress in Abuja, added extra outfits to it, and these things all arrived during my birthday period. And she lives in Nigeria!

These Four Women Above All Live In Different Cities!

Those my friends who may feel Madder that I refused to add their madness to this list...Please, I'm only protecting me, you and the rest of the wonders as I would promote this post and i'm not tagging any of the above-mentioned names.

EveryWhere there was a problem, a sting, a negative mood, a difficult day in my life this 2018 - YOU ALL 'WAS' THERE! Thank You all so much!!!

If Your Friends Ain't this Mad - Join My Gang.
If Your Friends Don't Show Up With One Call - Join Me.
With You Women - I know I've done something Right.

I really don't know how I even add values to your lives except by being more stubborn(Lo) & inconveniencing you all (Hehehehe)

I achieved so much this YEAR! Dammit, Y'all know I KILLED it, murdered 2018. It's the most amazing, successful, progressing, distinctive, excellent, committed, filled with joy, passion, enthusiasm & Glamour year I've hard in the last Five Years. I Loved 2018...How I will miss it...but I will never miss the lessons gathered. I am better after 2018!


Note: Now Run Along & Go Get You Some Mad Friends! They Gotter be Mad Or Maddest! Or Dump Them & Join Us.

Stay Away From Negative people, They Have A Problem For Every Solution - Albert Einstein


Your Coco

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