Mission Moment: If You Are Real & Consistent, Even Those Who ‘Hate’, Dislike, & Misunderstand You Will Speak About Your Realness - By Collette Orji

I started working somewhere in Houston. I resumed Work Officially December 4th, 2017. During my second week at work, I already encountered loads of disagreements & Boy! Extra Dislike! I met Princess During my first week! We clicked & even exchanged numbers. We even made an appointment to meet in school where she would help me with some locations since she knew the campus better.

Unfortunately for me, Princess had a whole other click of friends & those my loads of disagreements was with Princess’s Close Mutual friend.

Princess CANCELLED our school appointment!
I managed through! I survived! We disconnected! I kept on with my work & struggled through the waves of ganging up against Collette.

My biggest Obstacle sometimes is that ‘I am Too Pretty’, I know how to make a work uniform look too dashing, I like Fashion & colors & Flowers & MakeUp & I play too much’. These attributes always RUIN me!!! Always!!! People automatically Write me off to be Weak, quiet, gentle, nice, Brainless, Not Hardworking & Of course Should Be Some Model! So They Get SHOCKED, every day, every-time, every minute My Confidence Soars & I exhibit Grit, Strength & Energy! This ‘shock’ is my Electricity - I release it as needed.

 For Months, I suffered at work from obvious low mindsets & misunderstandings! Criticism Upon Criticisms. They were YET to be petrified. I knew they saw my light! I was Shining, even MORE! Let me distract you briefly: I am too CONFident being Alone! I am my biggest Fan. I am confident about walking in my lane. No one can BEAT me on this game. I sat for years & Trained Myself On it.

Back To the matter: Somehow, someway, for privacy & work ethics sake: I will hold back some details. When I refused to Obviously Quit & Was Even shinning More, Tensions started breaking from left & right. The ice was melting here & there.
My Husband must have suffered ear problems from my difficult days - things got a little accommodating. Princess had a one minute chat with me as she was closing from work one evening- She was shocked what my response was. It sounded smart! She teased me the next day with another question & I answered her and she got intrigued. That day, I knew Princess was an absolute Smart Woman! I also separated her from the bunch cause I knew she was brilliant. I smiled!

 Princess came back Again with more Tease! I kept on. We would discuss & debate & talk for six hours & every second & Princess was amazed at my consistency & realness! Princess Became the messiah! She knew she had a JOB to do. She RAN to her disciples to Show them The Light! She told them: OMG! You guys don’t know Collette, Coco is Amazing, Real, this & That! Hahahahahahahhahahaha! I know! I know! It wasn’t easy for Princess! She was Trying to Make her friends see me as a nice person & also trying to make me see them as Nice πŸ‘πŸ½. I laughed her Off! I told her Princess, I am Nice, I am The realest baddest gooddest ‘Bish’ but you Must Stop trying to make people like me.
I Conquer When People Suffer from my EXTRA CONFident! You can Ask Google!

Things Changed For Princess! So much Changed!!! She STARTED DEFENDING ME PUBLICLY AT WORK. This is where YOU ALL ARE supposed to say Hallelujah! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

When You SEE the LIGHT, You Change! When You see Diamond, You will Brighten! It’s Like receiving Christ - You CAN’T shut up 🀐 EvEveryoneho knows Princess today, knows my name. Gosh! Princess FOUGHT for me so much that, everyone wanted a piece of me. The funny thing is, She just goes about singing my Praises for Nothing, whether you ask or like or don’t ask or like, You will hear about Coco from Princess. This Right Here Is My Biggest MISSION MOMENT in my Face! In two years, I’ve invited ONLY one person that I knew in America INTO my Home! And that is Princess! This Is Princess & Here is Her Birthday Gift To Me, She ordered this All the way From Newyork! I present to You all My Wonders, A real-life true story inspired by Truth & a real Mission Moment #Mimo. Thank You,P rincess, Believing in me! For Standing Up for me! For Fighting for me from a position of Honesty! For Supporting, Defending & Proving To Be Wise.

Thank You All For Reading & Sharing & Joining Our New Group Mission Moment Aka #Mimo♥️

 I love you Princess♥️ To More Than We Can Ever Be✌🏽

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