I couldn't let the month of August end without making this post. In all my years on earth, my failures, successes, difficulties, progress, strife, falls, fights, awards, achievements, work, family, friendship and the things that my life went through - The only foundation I can need from friends is Loyalty.

What is Loyalty? A strong feeling of support or allegiance! That's the best definition of loyalty.

 When I find out You Are not a Loyal friend - I Dump Your ASS Bigly! It doesn't matter How long we May have been Friends, I learned recently that Loyalty Expires! Do You Agree? I think I Do!!!

 You may still be thinking that you are still my friend when in reality, You are just one of the people I used to know. This is Vice Versa. Friendship is Support, Support is Loyalty, Loyalty is crystal clear, it's not mixed colors, Enemies don't ill talk you to your Loyal Friends, They know who to go to. I am a LOYAL friend. I also Know when I'm Expired! Friendship can go sour...Happens every day, but Loyalty will speak good of the person even friendship is stale. Know the difference. I'M setting out Again, One more time to search for LOYALTY. I want more loyalty, I mean who doesn't? I'm searching for the next set of Loyal friends who will walk with me for the next decades. I don't want to grow Old without my Loyal friends. OLD AGE IS TOO LONELY. May you all find Loyalty in this Billion world.

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