My Husband says Fly as High as You Can & If You Fall, I Will Be Here To Catch You - Vivian Uloma Dimba

 Mission moment#Mimo

 —————————— I'm just getting back to my house. It's almost 1 am. Also got me back this late 2 nights ago. It's been this way since i joined a new political party. As the finance director of the party, I like to think I'm at the beck and call of my principal , who's a wonderful man by the way. By sponsoring the " not too young to run bill, he managed to put Nigerian youths and Africa at large on the map. But this post isn't about him. It's about my husband. For supporting me.

 For the little things. For being different. For everything. Most men would've had fits, but not my man. He told me to fly as high as I can, and if I ever fall, he'll be there to catch me. If I don't achieve the goals I've set out for myself, just know that I didn't try hard enough. Because as a wife and mother, I've had so much support from my better half

. We're not perfect, but this is me bursting to tell the world that he supports me.. In almost everything. I'm lucky I think , or perhaps blessed. To you my love, I love you with all my heart. You're everything. For always supporting and encouraging me to reach for the heavens, I'll cross a thousand seas for you. I'll face a thousand demons, and I'll be willing to walk through hell for you. Thank you my love. Thank you .


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