Collette Orji - Change comes from humans & not the other way!

When I Think Of All Those Years When People Will Be Hiding Even ‘Pictures’ from Evil people who MAY take it to Native Doctors...

- Then I see the world now, the first snap the materials in the shop, snap the tailor as they measure them, snap as the cloth is finished, assemble it with the shoes & jewelry & snap again and post again, then the main day they snap again and post again. 

Then they snap and post again as they take it off!

From going to church to church to the car. From going to work to the road to the office to bedroom to the bathroom. 

All I’m thinking is: This Is REALLY bad business for so many reasons. 
How on earth are these native doctors & some pastors who advise you to hide your pictures before supposed to Survive now? 

Hello customers: How Market? 

Who even cares about Hardcopies these days? What A Waste Of a whole generational ideology. 

Even those who are highly religious also NOW know that pictures are everywhere & no ones scared. 

Dear religious folks; This Right Here is Factual to reminding you that ‘ Change comes from humans & not the other way!

Thank you Facebook & IG for ‘dashing common sense to my country people at least in THIS Aspect!

Collette Orji 🤘🏽

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