Touch Not My Anointed & Do My Prophet No Harm. Understand The Difference: By Collette Orji

Who is The Anointed? who? Anointed By Another Who?

Dear Religious Folks, If Jesus himself were alive today and there's proof/evidence that he sent anyone to go around in the middle of the night house to house commit 'Murder', killing all firstborn sons, He will be arrested and brought to face the alleged charges.

Yes! We Are At A Whole Different Time. Name the Human that the world will have evidence of their committed crime and Look AWAY! NAME THE PERSON...

Nigerians just proved that, even if it was in Nigeria, they would have lent their voice to social media.

If it was today that Your David in the bible KILLED a woman's husband in order to have sex with the woman, Your's beloved David would have been brought to defend himself as long as there's evidence.

If It were Today that Ananias and Wife Saphira fell inside the church and died without any medical history of some kind of illness, Your Pastor and those immediately present would be arrested and brought in by the authorities for questioning.

These Things you celebrate and Look the other way and Forget that the bible is one of the most Violent book ever written would NOT be so if just 1% of some of these things happened in this ERA. What does this tell You, Be cautious and be mindful and USE YOUR COMMON SENSE the way you all go about this church thing.

Even Nigerians, who act as if The Jesus in the Bible came from Nsukka or Afikpo actually want a pastor who has been accused of Rape to go to court. WOW! WOW!

Why do you guys want him in court to answer for the alleged crime? Shouldn't you guys send him to the church and to God to cleanse him and forgive him?

Verily, Verily I say unto you, Even You who is as wicked as a raging SERPENT Knows how to give bread to your sons when they ask for food, How about some of us, who were born in the church and have practiced and seen it's all about the ERA.

Everly, somewhere, Las Las - You will All Receive Common sense & Stop Hiding from your Real selves one day, Or in your next generations. #FakenessEverywhere.#Thesearetheissues

To More Than I Can Be

Copyright, © Collette Orji

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