Who Raised These Rapist, Sons & Pastors? Us, You & Me Raised Them! Be Mindful - Collette Orji

One In Every Four Woman Has been Molested Before They Turn 18. If This is Looking like a number or mere statistics To You, I need you to go back to the top & Read It Again.
If It's still hard for you, I need you to count all your sisters and know that if you have five, One out of four of them has encountered Molestation and some form of Rape/Near-Rape Situation.
If this didn't sound well, count your daughters, if you have four, Know that one of them will encounter this before she turns 18.

Now! Thank You so Much For Finally Getting It.

Men are also Molested/Raped/Abused - Please for the sake of this article, can You let me FOCUS on Women Today? Please, Too Many Wonders have been waiting for me to post my article. Thank You.

The Sons who have molested/Raped A Daughter are our sons.
The Sons who have gang raped/Group rape a female are our brothers. As we bring them to light, May we produce as much evidence as we can so we don't destroy our brothers without due process.

Parents, Be careful, Ladies be mindful, Society, Be very Cautious - I'm Glad I live in a society today that irrespective of my allegations/accusation while granting me the freedom of speech, the accused will equally be granted that opportunity of freedom of speech.

I don't want to live in a world where I accuse someone and that person goes to jail directly without a fair due process. You see, I don't Know Any Female Friend of mine that does Not have stories that touch to tell in this regard.

I will release My OWN Personal stories One day - Oh! like the stars, I will. I will need your support, your encouragements, your sincere Assistance, But I will also need my accused to come forward, speak, and be granted due process. I will want, if at the end, I didn't get justice for the crime, I got justice for my liberation, my entangled mind, my formidable force, but what will this world look like without some form of freedom of speech and a due process called justice. A Process that is equally accessible to both the defender and the persecutor.

Those who rape and those who are raped are our brothers and sisters.
Those who Molest and the molested are our uncles and aunts.
You need to understand that - Every accused Needs to be prosecuted and found guilty and we are all under the law innocent until found guilty. We are Not Guilty by accusation but by investigations ad the laws due process. Be Mindful, Be Smart - Think!

I have so many personal experiences of dreadful situations, Some of them I have no proof to them, some I can present the evidence, but be mindful, Till you are found guilty in a court of law, You are innocent.

In the case Of Busola Dakolo, Do I Believe Her? Oh! Like the sun and the sand and the seas, I DO. As a human, a female, someone who has so many experiences and don't even know how to proof them I DO. This is all we need sometimes, That validation that we are believed.

But There's More, there's always more, providing evidence to bring the guilty to justice and this part is rigorously even more dreadful. So, we must strive to engage in this next part.

Every Mother here will protect her son and say, wheres your proof that my son raped your daughter?
Then, since you know that you will protect your own son, brother, uncle, until found guilty, be very mindful as well that every son belongs to some mother or father.

I'm Hoping i'm communicating here, Rape is a crime of Power, Rape is also 90% A CRIME OF TRUST. Most people who would rape you, attempt to rape you, molest you, Most Times, You TRUST them! So, this makes providing evidence almost impossible. This is why I have not personally called out some very prominent folks.

I will protect when she tells me she's been Raped or Molested.
I will also protect my son if a female says my son raped or molested her in the same way. I will Speak up, Follow the due process and Let the Law take its cause.

I'm Not Interested in this situation that the man is a Pastor. It changes NOTHING! You all are too religious and that seems to make a kind of difference to you, I'm not so I dont care. So, Like a man, I need him to have his day in court.

Meanwhile: I'm Not even as Strong & Smart Like Busola right Now, But she's Ready and she spoke in her Time, I will speak in my time, and may You and You also speak in your time. But You must remember, IRRESPECTIVE OF EVERYTHING, WE ARE ALL INNOCENT TILL FOUND GUILTY.

Dear Men/Women, These are really Different Times, It's No Longer like Before the Phone - Respect Your Selves. Seek consent and make sure It's understood.
Sex Is So Sweet with consent - I don't even Get This Rape Logic.

One More Thing: A Minor CANnot Give You Consent. You CANnot say, A minor said Yes. It's a crime to engage in sexual acts with Minors. Find out what the law in your nation Defines as Minor.

Thank You All For Taking Time To Read.

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