Sex is beautiful, Foreplay, Shower, a little Ed Sheeran song, kisses on the neck & biting lips and Laughter is everything - Collette Orji

So you see, like sweet sex, like shower foreplay, like the swift and soft movements of a real woman's hips and smiles they cannot leave me, they cannot go OFF my page so you understand why I had to start CocowondersblogAddicts!

So, they can look at me and say that's who and how I want my daughter to grow up.

Beautiful, daring, smart, Kind, sexy, article, Respectful, yet with a BRAIN of her own.

So to the cross of this article, I write for many reasons, Let me share these two...

1***** So my daughter can grow up and read and understand and reign in her world, her life, her daily endeavors and when she talks to her friends she will say, that's right... My mama taught me well.
I write so that my son will grow up and read and be smiling and be man up and respect himself, respect women and know that all human beings are equal, know that he has a mind of his so he should use it to think, to live, to know that he is the head of himself ONLY. That his Wife, if he chose to marry, is both his equal and his love.
I want my sons to believe, to be innovative, to protect their happiness. To reign in life. To know all Human beings are equal.

2**** So that I can sleep very well when I sleep.
Open both of my legs on the bed .... because as you can see, no matter how I try, my spirit has refused to be silent.

You see, for it is ONLY here on social media AKA Facebook & Cocowondersblog that the people who disagree with you the most Follows you more & insult you @ the slightest impulse publicly.

The people with no invitation to the occasion TAKE front row seats so they can watch you from different angles and guess what? They cannot unfriend, Delete, block you because like Fine Wine & passionate sex They LOVE your Guts & secretly wish you are on their dial list. Their Lives will be so BORING Without Your Page, They Just Can't Leave...

You see, beware of all these people who shout Bible says, Culture, Traditions, Forefathers, Woman should do this and Bible says this .... these people have been upgrading from Alcatel to Nokia 3310, to Samsung to Blackberry, to iPhone 7... they are already saving money for iPhone 8.

They have moved from the post office to emails to DHL to HI5 to MySpace To Facebook and Viber and IMO and Instagram and Snapchat.

The ONLY thing they have REFUSED to move on from is 'their MINDSETS' towards the WOMAN.

In all of these movements, they have refused to see the woman as a human being, capable, equally of choosing to woe a man, marry him, husband him and make him a HouseHusband.

When Coco says it, its abomination according to the same Book and culture that they have moved away from by all standards. They only come back to it when it Favours them to bring a woman to her knees.

My voice will sound as loud as it can as long as there's Facebook and a future social app that will be launched again. For you see, Africans are consumers, they sit and wait for a new one, they jump on board while screaming - our women are getting westernized.

A greedy generation! A wicked people with closed minds to humanity. I sing of a well that my children who shall be of all nations shall read and call me CocoWonder, and all my adopted children shall call me Abba Mama.

A greedy people who will follow and respect Traffic lights in London but will drive through and knock a child down in Aba Town,
A People who will stay on the queue in the Heathrow airport but will be inhumane in Lagos Airport...Intentionally

I sing, I sing, that my own sons and daughters will NOT only renew their minds to new sex positions and Kamasutra,

To new design clothes and old archaic ideas, I sing oh I sing, that my boy and girl child will grow up equally respecting each other as human beings and not limited to Biology.

*I will sleep well tonight ...

**I will not argue with unverified Random people whose Head I haven't rechecked**

Thanks for reading...#ToMoreThanWeCanAllBe...

Allrights reserved © Collette Orji, 2017

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