Tonto Dike Has A Son, Let her think about her son ... Blah Blah Blah - Collette Orji

First Of All, FOCUS on your own Sons. I hope you have prepared Fees!!! Nonsenses!
Does Anyone here know Madonna? Before I was born, there was Madonna! She is still here today.
Kim Kardashian, one of my favorite human beings on the planet once had a sex video. Go & remind her that she has kids. Idiots. She’s still putting more Naked pics as you read this.

Tiwa Savage did a 45minutes video and said all the things about TeeBillz, Go and try to see if your son will still come close to the future already built for Jam Jam.
Toke Makinwa, WROTE a whole book and made millions from it. The book is currently still available on Amazon should you need copies.
Beyonce twerks publicly every day & wears the most erotic stage very naked outfits, her children have not come to beg you all for parental guidance. Beyonce DID A whole Album, dealing with her pain.
Coco Wonder will post as many nudes in her life as she wants, live her life every day on her own terms, and expect those who are coming for her to at least just make use of their brain and have common sense!

Idiots everywhere! 

The child the child! Are you guys Not listening to Tonto? Is that not the same child she’s talking about child support for from the father?

Don’t you know that Tonto used her uterus for her own child?
Cardi B. Said on Instagram that her pussy is like fat girls pussy and very warm and that’s why the husband loves it. She is a mother. A wife. And has a child, come and tell the child about her mothers pussy.
Idiots everywhere!
Does it look like Tonto’s child will come to marry your daughter tomorrow and you will say No?
Igbo women have been giving their children their fathers name sinceeeeeeeeeeee!
My children bear my dads name as well! Why should they not? Why should they bear the man’s father’s name and not my father’s name? Is my man’s father WITH TWO PENIS?
You all should Focus on the son who has No food money or future!
The sons of your family members abandoned in the village. Go adopt others and help and forget about the one whose future is brighter than your next generation!
Sanctimonious Hediots!!!! Religious Hypocritic Immoral Generation Of Fakes.
Have you eaten today?
Remember Tonto has a son, no! Come and remind her. A woman is standing her grounds and as usual, motherfuckers who are currently depressed from their own relationships wanna make sure they bring another woman down ALWAYS!
WTF!!!!Don’t go and find a way to learn from a woman who is ahead of this time. Who is opening doors for your daughters to rise up to the occasion of a proud penis!
Keep hating in public and dying silently. Who told you-you must love what you hate?
To More Than I Can Be!
Hopefully, someone with a fish brain uses the fishes swimming capabilities to become better.

All rights reserved, © Collette Orji

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