Tonto Dike - A Woman For The Next generation - By Collette Orji

And a woman STOOD UP in Africa.
In Nigeria of all places. A part of the world where Religion Forbids her to Equate Her Aura with a male because he has a Penis forgetting he will never have a Vagina.
And She even dared to KING NAME herself.

And the same Ass kickers who love Cardi B. & Nickie Minaj & Rihanna shudder!
May every woman who wants to be married get married at some point in their lives and recreate their truth.
Some of you Need to feel so redeemed and empowered for a time like this and STUDY King Tonto before you say I Do.
Be careful oh Woman who thinks she’s too ambitious, too loud, too confident, too bold, too Extra, Too Mad, Too Stupid - Be Careful.
This is Fire 🔥, Use it For warmth, For Food, To refine your diamond 💎 or Even to keep the love. Study this Fire! This is been Real.
Thank You King TONTO DIKE!!!
Thank You... My articles will come soon enough when Google pays for my submitted piece.

Copyright, © Collette Orji

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