Do You Wanna Be A Housewife, Working Class Lady, trophy Wife, Gold Standard or Even Single? ... By Collette Orji

Go Ahead, be anything the hell you want. Become everything the hell you can. Be more than you can be or hope or dream and simply just live and enjoy life and be kind. I’ve grown so old, I’ve also grown up so much. I’ve self-developed myself so much and daily as I read and experience life more, I keep evolving and broadening my inner and physical self. Changing my mind daily from stereotypes and daring to live. I’ve become so selfless but Of course very consistent with ideas of humanity.

 To You woman, who doesn’t work, don’t wanna work, the husband provides everything for you - And YOU are contented. Go on & live your life that way.

 To You the career woman who cannot stay without earning her own finances and becoming ‘financial woman’, go ahead and become that which you desire. Go on and live your life that way.

 - To You that young woman who can’t seem to find a man to call your husband at the moment. Become everything you want for yourself at the moment as you aspire to still Find your purposeful man. Be alive! Live on and be kind.

 -To You, that woman whose marriage is so overwhelming and things have fallen drastically apart such that there’s no foundation anymore. You can leave IF you desire to. You can stay if you wanna give it one more try. Just do whatever the hell you desire for YOU.

 -You all just find your space. Find out where you belong. Discover yourselves. Discover your inner self and Live your lives. Start preparing for OLD AGE! It is coming! That is if you live long enough to experience it.

 To More Than You Can All Be🍷

 All rights reserved,© Collette Orji

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