By 2023 Your Famous Socialite Kim Kardashian Will Be An Attorney - Collette Orji

Kim Kardashian, 38 years Old, Worth About $350Million In 2018, according to Forbes, Mother Of 3 kids with the 4th on the way, Famous For a sex tape over a decade ago & an entrepreneur in her own right, wife of Famous Icon Kanye West will become an attorney by 2023 in United States 🇺🇸.

 So many of you read this somewhere & jumped & pass. Today, as you read it on CocoWonders Page, I need You to take a Pause( Like I always Do) to delve deeper and speak with conviction about who you wanna be in 5 years time.

 -A Facebook Without Pay Noise Maker or actually make money from here that I do get paid. -A Kim Kardashian Hater who actually Hates cause It’s easier to Hate.

 - A female hater who just can’t understand why Women Keep rising into an empowered fulcrum.

 - A single woman Hater, A Married Woman Hater, A Single Mother Hater, A No child Female Hater, An Old Hag or Social Media Empty pocket crusader.

 A better person, A more informed grown-up woman, An accommodating human, A Kind Soul, a meaningful progressing hard working woman, Knowing that You Can Be More & Anything the hell that you want. Some of you, by 2023, will still be here, in the same place, same spot, with more wrinkles Of course & even a 'badder' mouth with your new friends being underaged kids of today STILL Complaining about how your country messed you up.

 Proud Coco, if Alive, Knows EXACTLY what she will be by October 2019.
 Exactly what she will be by this August 2019!
Exactly where she will be by April 2020!

Do You know why?

 This is because LIFE DON’T JUST HAPPEN!

 - You Wake Up, do the do’s’ & act the acts.
There is planting time & harvest time.
You ONLY reap What You sow!

 Don’t bring your God BS into my page!

What You sow, you will reap.
 What You do is who you are.
 As You Make Your Bed, So Shall You Lie On it.

 Become Everything you can, You Want, & More than You Can Be Or seat there on Facebook ( zero $$$) & obtain happiness as some jobless boring ones may say.

 I love you so much Kim K.

 To More Than You Can All Be👄

 All Rights Reserved, Collette Orji

 PS: Just In case You don’t know who Kim K. Is, her pic is attached here. #CreateYourLane

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