Winners For GiveAway February 2019 - By Collette Orji

Thank You all For always taking part in this. I promise you this, I dont know most of you and I do feel an inner excitement giving out my Little money to absolute strangers who have become my social media relations knowing I really dont need a payback.

Hubby has been super supportive, I really hope, we make a tiny difference in your hearts.

We shall have another GiveAway this February, A charity Event in March. We Shall Use My NGO ( Coco Medicare Foundation ) to reach as much as we can in our own little way. Sometimes, all we really need to do, is just Become a very Tiny RAY OF LIGHT.

I Hope, my very little, makes a very little change for you!

Thank You So Much!

Now, Here are the Winners For this Give-Away!

Ukiwe JulietFebruary 3, 2019 at 7:26 AM Please Send Your Account Number Juliet

Union bank 0041695839..Udeakpu Uzoma. C.

2095635178 Ariwaodo Ifeoma Cynthia Uba Bank

2033238724.UBA Bank. Oyudo Helen Chioma.

0050096908. Adesanya Olusola. Gtb.

Each Of You Will Receive 5,000Naira Today.

Hello Everyone, I hope We Brought A Little shiny ray of joy to you this week. Please comment when you receive the money. All cash will be deposited minutes after this post.

To More than we can all me


  1. Congrats to the winners. Hope I make it next time... Thank you Coco. God bless your home

  2. sorry for the delay MA 0212132996 ukiwe Juliet ugochi gtbank and thank you so much

  3. Congrats to the winners.. Chia I was hopeful oo


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