Nollywood actress turned pastor, Eucharia Anunobi - Failure begins the moment one starts comparing himself with others.

The actress also stated that not wanting to start small because we feel we are too big is a recipe for failure.
Taking to her Instagram page, Eucharia Anunobi wrote:
“You shall not fail. But bear this in mind, when you compare yourself to others : failure has started, when you feel too big to start small : failure will become your twin, when you are not prepared for a project and you start : failure will become an unending fragrance about you, when you enter a relationship just so you won’t be lonely, when the person in quotes is really not who you desire : it means that your village people have pursued you to the city to waste you, when you waste money on irrelevant shopping just to appear up to date: failure will become the very breath in your lungs.
I prophesy with a fit of holy anger over your destiny: Those waiting, watching and praying for you to fail shall be invited to your celebratory party: Psalm 37: 32.
This February every step towards your plans shall be favored. You will not miss it.
Go and succeed in Jesus powerful name.”

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