When The Chips Are Down, Good or Bad , Pray Thee (DJXGEE'S SUICIDE) - By Collette Orji

This News is All Over social media so yes, i'm positive you heard it already. Let's analyze and let cocowonder Dash Out Sense and provoke more thoughts. May I speak to you without quoting scriptures ( I really don't do scriptures no more)

A certain Nigerian Based DJ, Popularly called DJXGEE committed suicide on Wednesday, January second 2019 Allegedly, he cited depression as cause for his suicide, which of course reflected on his separation from his wife.

Here is what DJXGEE posted on IG shortly before his alleged suicide.

Okay there is a twist to this last respect ppl give to their loved ones when gone ..... Black as signs of sadness ..but in my case please Rock WHITE Cos i love this color so much . to all have made smiled and to those i have pissed off trust me im only being Human. Enikorewa i love u so much , Eriayo u name sums it all up u are truly d reason for my Joy . Omobolanle ajoke u know i care .. Moradeke my mum may my God heal u and to my in-Laws Stay Blessed Always ❤

Well, social media court has been on the case for a while. Those who are mad at married people. Those that can't find wives as well, those that don't understand the depth of marriages and their up and down/back and forth movement. Those who think depression is specific to just one thing, and the blamer: Those who think we maybe should add his wife to the corpse on the funeral date.

This is not a post about depression, i could have started my lectures, pardon me, this is about a man dying, for whatever the reason, he died and this is a typical example of what shall happen to you and me when we die. Social media shall take up the case, and judge.

Good or bad, there will be a case, those for, those against and guess what? Bloggers will be there to cash out! You live by the sword, you die by the sword. #FACT.

Do you think there should be more call on the gravity of depression?
do you think there should be more blames when humans take their own lives?
do you think, the courts should always look deeper and investigate?
whatever you think, Don't ever ignore the voice and pain that some of us who may be alive have to bear when something this tragic occurs.

A certain Lady Temitope Adeola Akinsemoyin Said alot after she heard of DJXGEE'S alleged suicide. She seemed pleased, relieved, mixed feelings, angrier, calm,i bet you, she has a whole lot of feelings going on in her system. She strongly accuses The deceased of all forms of abuse.
The court of Social Media thinks she wants to use this to become famous, Others think wrong timing, and even more think theys despicable?

Please permit to Think? This is me just thinking? Will I be a slave to your living body and a slave to your dead body too? Will I shut up for so long with so much explosions with me and still shut up by your grave side? Will the society join my molester, though dead, lifeless to even add to my scourge? There is indeed a time for everything, perhaps a right time too, albeit, why wait when i cannot defend my self? Does Truth that plays deep in a relationship history hide? What is my past like? Can my past remember my present? Where are my scars? Where is my pain? Have I indeed moved on?

I am still thinking...

I am sorry... Yes, i am still thinking...

Oh No! i'm even sorrier, i just realized im blogging...

Don't be that woman who lets it out only at such final point, But make sure, to be that woman, who Let's it out even if it's the final point. Don't Destroy eternity to protect a monster - Speak Up Women, speak up men, speak up oh ye abused woman/man/daughter/son, speak up - that you may be judged just once on earth, wear the scar, remember the mark but with a smile, you saved a nation.

I am sorry for your loss Dj
i am sorry for your pains Temitope,
i am even sorry to the social media court

who will judge me soon enough.

Collette Orji

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