If you keep doing the same thing the same way - You Will Definitely Get The Same Results - Collette Orji

 I’m going to burst your bubble right now! There is No difference between Dec. 31 & Jan. 1st of Any year. The Only difference that matters is YOU!

 Who are the wealthiest folks in Nigeria? Pastors & Politicians, then entrepreneurs. In a saner community the latter are the first. So, you that won’t mind your business and life and family and focus on the way forwards in life should continue. Don’t stop. Take all your time & last change to your DADDY in the lord. You hear?

 — Take your boyfriends/ Husbands matters to Fake Untrained counselors whose knowledge is based on Patriarchy instability & come back to Facebook & complain about Coco Wonder.

 —- Keep going from one uncle to aunty to one sexual slavery daddy! For how long? For how long? Don’t you know when to stop and retire from things that don’t give you peace & personal purity? To buy shoes & clothes & trips that your fellow hardworking women are taking with so much joy and inner peace. 

—— I’m so proud of so many of the young women in Nigeria 🇳🇬 currently. Wow! See eh! These women speak up, blend up, start up businesses with 50,000. They’re into makeup, tailoring, learning skills and doing legit things to make small income and grow with it.
I’m so proud! More of you who are ready to start something will hear more from me this year as this is the only thing I will put my money into.

 Those that are adding more kids for Aunty to sponsor - Continue! Don’t stop. You have not heard of family planning? Contraceptives- Naaah! Na God dey give pikin. Continue! I’m done putting my money where my mouth don’t belong. Women! Please, we shall all get married. I promise you.

We all that really want it will. Stay a way from men who Plan to ruin the small businesses you doing.

The incomes you already saved. Please Wonderful Women! Be nice! Be sweet! Be kind! But you must be Stern as well! Have a beautiful Friday /weekend

 To More Than I Can Be💪🏽

 Collette Orji

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