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We Put In The HOURS -

I sent a private picture to a few of my friends a couple days ago, they are Wonders, so their responses has delivered my heart from ANY future Myocardial Infactions. There’s something ONE of my friends said to me, Hence this Post:- She saw the photo & she wrote: Coco♥️, This is why we put in The Hours.

 She redeemed Me! She has no idea how this reply has affected me in the last 48 hours. That’s been the ONE WORD I’ve been suffering from for a very long time. We Put In The Hours!!! Wow!!! Five Words has changed me!

 Dear Wonders, In America, WE WORK!!! Oh! We Work!!! But NO ONE WORKS LIKE COCO( Come & Beat Me 🙅🏾)
 I deserve everything great & healthy & kind & Good! Yet! I don’t seat & expert, I do the work, the hours, the time, the deeds. I WORK.

To everyone who works so hard, so smart - Please Get the results! As we approach the New Year! Take decisions that at-least help you for the greater good. The minimum I work every 14 days is 125hours!!! And The Hours For My personal company Ain’t Even Added! That’s My Minimum In 2 weeks! Amidst Family struggles, Classes, my online commitments, my personal company, my personal life.

I don’t play, I don’t party, I don’t get mixed up in drama & I don’t mess around. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke & I don’t do Fuck leisure. I don’t even have friends to visit me 🤦🏽‍♀️ I traveled around the world & all the continents before I turned 30 with my hard earned money.

I Am Wise 💁🏽‍♀️

****Before Anyone Ever Comes For Me, They Must First ‘WARN THEMSELVES ‘ I Don’t Play Please ‘ Too Busy’ ****

We Put In The Hours! We work! We Fail & Rise & Work Again. I love You all, I never use these words lightly! Know That I Do.

To More Than We Can Ever Be!

Copyright © Coco Wonder ♥️ 2018 The year Of My Beginning 💁🏽‍♀️

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  1. Weldone Coco. We out in the hours. I an aspiring entrepreneur.. Will be 26 in few months.. I recently launched my fashion business and hoping to become very successful. Also have a niche for real estate and I work as an independent partner with a multi million real estate company. I have been able to close some good deals as well.. In future I hope to explore the oil and gas sector. You motivate me actually [from far lolx]. Thanks for putting up the work.


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