The 'Wedding' Versus The 'Marriage', What Do Women 'Really' WANT? By Collette Orji

Another Successful Conversation I Had With A Colleague Yesterday -

 My Colleague, Let's call him James, engaged His Girlfriend now Fiancee approx. 7 months now. The Fiancee is also my colleague but we ain't balling.#Choices You Know. He's not been giving me the good times we have sometimes at work. You know talking & 'Happying'...That kinda stuff.

Yesterday, We Talked, he told me how he may have to Quit, to get a better job to "AFFORD'' the wedding. I understood him and told him to do what he gotta do. Wish him the best. Planning a wedding can really be stressful - You know!

 Went Home, it was a very busy day for me & something in my head was restless. I felt like I was too nice during that conversation Like I HID the Coco Wonder Away from him (Like I do To Most Folks). I was restless! I couldn't sleep! Which means I bought Over his problems ...As Usual ( My friends please keep some of these your problems away from me please, I Love my Sleep, I work too hard) I called him, it was exactly 3;25am when I called, He picked up, I was like oh Coco Wonder, You have started again...He was shocked, I mean, I've never called him before ( This is America, We Don't really call people -Doooh! Flips Hair)

James: Collette are you okay?
Me: Sure, I'm sorry but can I talk?
James: Sure, You already woke me Up, & La Fiancee is Here Me: Hmmm, I Can't sleep, based on our discussion today, Are you serious about quitting?
James: Yes, I will put in my two weeks notice, But what's wrong? Why does it bother...

I cut in...

Me: Is Your Problem The Wedding Or The Marriage? I rushed in?
James: Ehmm, How do you mean? The wedding, of course,
Me: But Why?
James: I have to give La Fiancee a beautiful wedding na?
Me: Have You asked La Fiancee's Opinion? Is it what la Fiancee wants or what You Think La Fiancee Wants? Which Is it?
 James: Well, hmm, I don't know, every woman wants a beautiful wedding na?
Me: Hell No James, Every woman wants a beautiful 'MARRIAGE'!


James: I think I know where this is going Wonder,
Me: Yes James, that's exactly where i'm going?

You quit your 'very good job' right now, for some hopeful better job( which is fine), but your reason is wrong!, To have a better ONE DAY CEREMONY, then a total waste of extra expenses and life and struggle, and You haven't exactly asked La Fiancee what she 'MAY' prefer?

Most Women WANT, WOULD LOVE, APPRECIATE, ARE EXCITED about a wedding, a big wedding you may say, EVERY SMART WIFE - Knows exactly what Her Husband CAN AFFORD WITHOUT STRESS & How much she can Add for her wedding.
You work so hard, to achieve a certain wedding SCOPE, Be ready to maintain a certain 'marriage Scope" Listen To Me, MY WONDERS - WEDDING IS A CEREMONY, A ONE DAY CEREMONY....If you like to start from Tuesday morning to Sunday Night - It's still One DATE that counts.

Marriage is the journey, If You Spend 50Million Naira For your wedding, (AS MY DAD ALWAYS SAID), It will finish, it won't be enough and some people will still NOT like the Jellof Rice, & will say they didn't get Coke. If You Like, Spend TWO Million naira, It will finish and the same complaints. If You spend 500,000naira or 5,000,000 Naira, The next day is called MARRIAGE... Cut Your Coat According To Your BANK ACCOUNT! Guess What? No One Really Currrrrrsssssss( Cares)
If You Think I'm Lying, Ask Your Husband's Mother­čśť

Today at work, My colleague James and la Fiancee who always gives me attitude walked to me and said, Babe, You no tell us say You be Marriage Counsellor? I said Eh? Who Dash me? Please oh, Na Divorce Fee Even Hold me here for my own sef and we all laughed it Off.

They said they were shocked at their discussions and conclusions last night. They Just FOUND OUT They have ENOUGH of everything!

I've Got Chills Right now! My Assignments & Blogging & Books took the back Stage, But once again, I'm Yours Coco Wonder.

Maybe this time it worked out, Maybe the next time I will get curses if I try with someone else( Flips Hair Again), I started receiving curses when I turned TWO YEARS OLD, #GetUsedToThat! Too Solid Now To Bother!

Hope You learned a thing or Two! Remain Addicted to cocowondersblogaddict & Follow us on IG @COCOWONDERSBLOG FOR MORE INSPIRATIONS, FUN & Naughtiness...

You are loved my wonders...#ToMoreThanWeCanEverBe?

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