When You Are BROKE, Even The Universe Will Seem It’s Against You - By Collette Orji

When You Are BROKE, Even The Universe Will Seem It’s Against You - By Collette Orji

Most Women Don’t even realize it’s insanely Harder for Men to make it than Women IN Nigeria 🇳🇬. For a man with nothing to make life come together in Nigeria is as tough as making all your cats to obey you at ONCE! It’s So tough for men in Nigeria - Yet, We push them so hard, especially THEIR OWN MOTHERS!!!

Society demands so much from Men. From an early age, Pressure is set on the man to know his place. To know that he has to GO MAKE MONEY, take care of his family, the future wife’s family, extended family, cousins, and grandchildren. The man starts Tilling the soil from adolescence.
The ONLY thing most Nigerian Mothers & Parents EXPECT from their daughters is to bring home ONE of these men who has labored all his life and made it & Marry & then reproduces Babies. Yet you see Women all over Nigeria crying Fowl fowl every day like they got the worst part of the deal.
I’m all for gender equals Y'all know My Wonders. Even 5-year-old men have the dreams of achievement and beautiful wives & 15-year-old Nigerian girls have the dream of finding one of these men & be mothers. There is such a wide gap.

Women keep gathering in groups year to year in the villages in Igbo lands during festivals for men who have toiled so hard to pick and chose them as wives and all you hear after that is Equality from women who were not raise to offer anything on the table and are not ready and will lecture you solely on Biology as they have been PUMPING out babies which when push comes to shove they got NO DIME to train and raise well Hence, the subsequent ‘Churchism’ & ‘ Miraculism’.
I have watched the average man and Woman in Nigeria for so long! Life is Harder for the men, Unfair to them, & our girls take pride in I’m a woman with a vagina, therefore, they waste for years doing nothing so they can SLEEP with any made man for as little as peanuts, married man or engaged man or Single man makes no difference for them as long as they are usually UNMARRIED & Husband waiting. The game goes on till they get married. It’s the way these women scream Fowl that’s purely Asexual!
Kudos - Young men in Nigeria !!!
Hopeful-To More Than I Can Be

Copyright, Collette Orji

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