There is No Devil Or Spirit Holding You From Getting Married OH Woman - Collette Orji

How did we really get here? Okay, I Know and yes I remember, From our mothers and fathers and religion and head of house and man of the house,...That's exactly how we GOT HERE!... But, dear woman, It's Not So, Anymore if at all it was EVER so!

Anything that you don't use, You Lose!
The last time I was in a movie set, I was very Rusty, Kinda needed to be polished, I knew why It was because I've been out of practice. You see, even that which you know how to do so well if you stay away from it without practice for too long, You begin to lose it. This is not a theory, It's a proven Truth.

This your Spiritual Husband and spiritual wife Thesis, All these, It's my uncle that's tying me from getting married, it's my aunty that is tying mu destiny, What are all these? Who is doing all these to us? Don't You Get it? Can You see? Can't you read between the lines?

Once Upon a time, the percentage of educated women was too low (It is still Low by the way). Once upon a time, before you turned 16 and 18, your parents and grandparents already had husbands for you.
It wasn't that hard because in cases where you could not be the first wives, You were the second, third, fourth etc wives respectively. So almost every young maiden had a man also.

A man with many wives was considered a wealthy man
a man with many children was considered a wealthy man
For Christ sakes, A Man with Pot BELLY is even still considered a wealthy man in places in Nigeria,
A big sized woman, pot bellies, All rounded is also still considered to be well taken care of by her husband.

Dear Woman, Growing up, the society and our beloved Nollywood taught us this at large, Then something has happened to this century, Something bigger than a revolution and WAR, It is called Social Media! It's the single most handed Legal War & Court that Won't Go away.

Women are getting more educated,
Women are getting jobs and paying for their launch and Tailor,
Women are owning businesses and affording seats on the table,
Women are owning cars and picking up political tickets

Women EVEN have A VOICE - This is the biggest SHOCK to the most Patriarchal dynasty, They cannot believe, Women can now talk,
How dare a Woman, How dare a woman Even talk Openly about anything, Worst SEX, How dare a woman say what she likes?

Because of these things, naturally, common sense -tically, The Ratio of women getting married as easily as it was Is dropped! Yes!, especially in African Countries, especially in Nigeria. The women do not want to be a second wife, or third wife anymore,
some women do not wanna marry a man who is divorced,
some women do not want to marry a man who has had kids before,
some women DARE to have a CHOICE and OPINION as to the kind of man They should spend their whole lives with WHICH is absolutely What they should do.

Dear Woman, It is not because of Any devil or spirit, It is because you decided to be a human being, with feelings, with purpose, with pain, with emotions. You dare to Have a voice.

But Kim Kardashian is Married and she has a voice and she even goes naked when she likes,
But Beyonce is married and she even has 3 Kids and she has a voice,
But Omotola Jalade is married and she's independent,
But Tiwa Savage Got Married and she has her voice,
But Coco, You also ARE Married and you have your voice


Now, this should be your Focus, That, these women mentioned above Have Fought Too Hard and are still fighting daily,
This should give you hope and make you say it again and again that YES YES YES, It's possible, attainable and very very Real.

Take away, that part where you think someone is responsible for your not getting married when you thought you should, Naaah! No ONE born or unborn, spirit or Human, has the POWER to do that.

Stop Giving PEOPLE CREDITS they do not have.

Everything You want, everything you want to become, The Power IS IN YOU!

PS: Marriage is beautiful
Marriage can be Hurtful,
As my Dad once told me Marriage is Not The Only Beautiful Thing In The World

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