Woman With Dwarfism To Become First Competitor With Condition To Run The London Marathon

Four years ago Judith Snape barely noticed the London Marathon passing by her doorstep. She partied hard, blanking out the bad times and the sad times. Judith was offered long-term therapy but found her own ­“incredible” solution in running. And next Sunday she will ­proudly stride out at the Virgin Money London Marathon as its first competitor with dwarfism. Her bowed and shortened legs make it harder to carry her body weight and slow her down.

The rare condition also led to a mental battle about being ­“different” – a fight running has helped her win. Judith, 28, says: “I had therapy because I never felt happy with myself and have never had a boyfriend, which I always put down to my disability. “But the self-esteem I’ve gained training for the marathon has been more life-affirming and positive than any counselling. “To run it is a dream. It’s a challenge to myself but will also show that people like me can do more than others ever imagine. “I never thought I would ­manage five miles let alone the 20 I’ve run in training. If I can do this, I can do anything.”

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