Does It Matter If Your Husband/Wife Buys you A Car In Their Own Name?...

***My Husband & I Are Having Some Gender Inequality 'Serious' Issues***

I've received so much in a while, I could have said I'm sorry for being away, But I'm Not Cause I'm still definitely gonna be away! Now help Us Solve This One...She will be reading... Dear Coco, See me see trouble oh! My husband and I got married about 7 years ago, after dating for a whole year. This dear husband of mine knows my stand on gender issues for like ever. I am a 'Woke Up' Woman. I am also a medical doctor. I am 33 years old.

 I had a Camry 2008 model before we got married, and we got pregnant almost immediately. I also really wanted to focus on building and stabilizing the house for a couple years, since Finances have never been an issue for both of us. We both decided, Hubby sold my Camry and bought another car, when I was checking the papers, I realized that he BOUGHT the new car in his name. I cautioned him and reminded him, that buying the car in his name WAS wrong. Not because my money was involved, but solely because If you are gifting someone something like a car, You should make the purchase in their name.

He acted like are we not the same? I've always told him, these things matter and he acts like im just been 'woke'. 7 years down the line, 3 beautiful kids, and the doctor is back in form and back to work full time ( Been in and out for maternity things), So, I decided to give my husband a fathers day gift last year 2017, and Lo and behold, I bought my husband a Car, and the car papers are in my NAME! My husband FEELS Disrespected! I asked him if we are not the same? And No! All hell has been let loose in my house for months now.

 Dear husband and I have Bought a couple of lands within these five years, but guess what? The name on these properties is Mr ............and he says it is for us. I just finished paying for a plot of land that I bought for BOTH of us, and the plot is IN my Name but it is for both of us - Please Coco, Help me Post this issue oh. This man has brought the entire FAMILY and Church To Solve These Issues? Please, ARE WE NOT THE SAME? Hello, My Wonders...Matters Arising!...Coco Can't Fit Do This One Alone Oh!

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