Pope Condemns Using Crucifix As Fashion Accessory

Designers often take real-life aspects as inspirations to create their collections or designs that would appeal to people.
 However, when it comes to religious symbols, eyebrows are often raised. And this time it is the crucifix that is under the spotlight. In a recent speech at St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, Pope Francis condemned the use of crucifixes as fashion items.

The 81-year-old said that it is essential that the religious symbol is “contemplated and understood” rather than used as an accessory to make a style statement. “The crucifix is not an ornamental object or a clothing accessory which is sometimes abused,"

The Independent quoted Pope Francis as saying. The report added that the Pope also explained how the cross is much more than just a beautiful item, and its meaning is much deeper.  Over the years, the cross has emerged as a popular symbol in the fashion world, as many well-known people have been spotted wearing accessories flaunting the symbol.

From Rihanna to Madonna and Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga – several celebrities have been seen wearing it either as neckpieces or earrings. In fact, the rock and punk era had seen the cross as an important accessory. Not just that, brands such as Versace and Dolce and Gabbana, among others, have also been using the cross as a pattern on graphic tees, sweaters, and tops, making it a popular sartorial staple. However, this is not the first time that the cross being used in regard to style has quoted controversy.

Even in 2002, to show its displeasure about popular personalities wearing crosses as accessories, the Vatican had released a statement, stressing on its disapproval regarding the same. Now, whether the new speech makes a difference and the recycling of the cross as a fashion staple ceases or not – only time will tell.

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