By Collette Orji - Walking Away, Inspiring & Service To Humanity In Wealth - By Collette Orji ***

 I am Too Proud, Unfortunately ‘Unapologetically’ too! Needless to Hide this about me. This Pride Keeps Me Super Focus & Never Derailed. If this kind of my Pride Bothers You, that’s Unfortunate.

Exactly two years Ago, on this same date, I got a Call that my mother just died. I was in Boston, I entered Newyork on Wednesday Night, Got to Boston By weekend & Got That call & Turned Back Straight to Nigeria. Life SHOOK me & I instantly knew the Worst has happened.

Nothing has taught me More About Life Than Death. Nothing! I understand life because I understand the pain of death.

No Mountains too High For You To Climb, All You Need To do is Have Some Climbing Faith.

Last year, on this date, I was in the Hospital for a serious situation for the first time in over 18years for something I term serious. This Year, This Time I AM WHERE I AM MEANT TO BE & ONCE AGAIN, I AM SUPER PROUD OF ME. Finally, I am at Peace. At Satisfaction. At the Knowledge Of Knowing that Life is FOR the living. I am Happy.

I have come to that Point in my Life where Only the things that Matter, Matters to me. I have become dangerously ‘unbothered’.

My religious friends & Church Goers ‘ ALL of them, their characters STING. It SMELLS. They are everything Wrong with Society. They began to Disgust me & my dream & my path & they began to Stain me so ‘I dumped them ALL’.
If you are of questionable character & You don’t practice what you preach, My Lights will Blind You automatically. My Focus, Pride, Arrogance at Panache will most definitely Prick your conscience.

I am That Awesome!

The world says ‘Be A Lady’ Be Confident, Believe in yourself ‘ then the world REBELS when you practice being a lady & when you practice confidently so Fuck You, World. I’m here for now.

Religious Christians say, Your mother is in a better place and they also say May her soul RIP. Confused people 🤷🏽‍♂️. Which exactly is it? They have no idea. They Bore me!

 I am a realist. I am a humanist. I am Female. I believe in gender equality of the sexes. I believe in human rights Laws, equality, equity & I believe in Peace ✌🏽

These time of the month usually bring so many emotions, but you see; they are happy emotions. I am at the place, the path, the movement where I’m meant to be & Yes I am Thriving & excelling & even my Late mother Caroline Orji KNOWS I am Unstoppable.

I’ve walked away Both from Trouble & the troublesome people who were in my life, I am a bundle of dreams & excitement & progress ‘Happenning’ Everyday.

I am my Own Team.

 To More Than I Can Ever Be💪🏽

Walking Away By the Handsome Craig David.

Allrights reserved, © Collette Orji😘


  1. Walking away...haven't heard that song in over a decade lol. Keep being strong as ever! I admire your ability to say it as it is.

  2. So true! So many things you pass through will teach you lessons of life . What doesn’t break you will definitely make you stronger. I admire your strength. Keep keeping it real.


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