By Collette Orji - If You Have Never Made A Mistake In Your Life, Then You Have Never Tried Something New

Every time a friend, professor, work supervisor, a stranger tries to call My Name NKEMAKONAM, They Fail at it Woefully, and that brings a tiny smile to my face. The smile is not because they failed, its the happiness knowing they are about to learn something new, and believe me, within a short time, they do better than the first.

In essence, I am saying, the first is always worst than the latter. This is how it is sometimes for most people when they learn something new.

It's like driving somewhere for the first time, a new city, a new address, sometimes, it's even just driving someone else's car, You suddenly realize that you need a few adjustments here and there.

I get lost every day in downtown Houston as I go for the many different things I need daily. I know y'all thinking, Just put in the GPS, I hear you, I miss BENDs sometimes EVEN with the GPS. All I had to do in London was download TFL & I still missed my buses, trains, bus stops - Doing something for the first time can be so insane.


That's how bad, the first time can really be. Sometimes it's just AWFUL. Leave the hypes, Most times, Most things get better with Time or better put with Age while some are Not vice versa.


Somethings in Life are more drastic when YOU DON'T GET THEM RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

1- Beating a red light & having a permanent deformation, bedridden.

2- Being On your phone while driving & Ruining another family due to your driving distractions.

3- Failing a decisive exam that Determines another One whole year of your life.

4- Anger that leads to possible Manslaughter, Domestic Violence, Murder & Subsequent Jail.

5- Unprotected sex that leads to untreatable venereal diseases & subsequently avoidable stigma and eventually hurtful unprepared death.

6- A Terrible marriage that automatically changes your status to Divorcee...

ETC!!! ETC!!! ETC!!!

You all can LIST some more in the comment section. I am just telling you one thing: We all make mistakes, ESPECIALLY the first time, Be cautious, be prepared, make informed decisions, Read as a Lifestyle, Get educated, Be a law-abiding citizen, BECAUSE Some First Times, Though they are the First Times - ARE Drastic, Deadly & Irreversible and we all Have ONLY one SHOT at Life.


To More Than We Can Be...

Allrights reserved, © Collette Orji👌🏽

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