Bride 'Dumped By Fiancé At Reception After She Misses Her Own Wedding'

A woman was reportedly dumped by her fiancé at her reception after she was so late to her own wedding she accidentally jilted her husband-to-be.

Nichola Tuohy had spent months planning her dream wedding to Darren Ferne - costing £12,000 - according to The Sun.

But a series of apparent disasters meant she missed the entire ceremony and only made the reception, leaving Darren waiting at the altar.

Meeting online in September 2014, Nichola said the couple hit it off straight away and Darren proposed just five weeks later.

Too soon for the mum-of-three, they waited another three months and when Darren got down on one knee again on Valentine's Day she said yes.

Nichola and her children, Alexander, 20, Grace Isabella, eight, and seven-year-old Max, began planning her wedding to the 40-year-old customer services adviser, the Sun reports.

Unfortunately, disaster followed.

Nichola, from Hornchurch, Essesx, told the paper: “I wish the rehearsal the night before had been the real thing.

“It was my fault. I just got so overwhelmed with things to do on the day that I had a meltdown. I feel like I have lost everything.”

The would-be bride said the makeup she had done at a department store made her feel like a"TOWIE extra".

She said when she got home her parents told her they were not attending the ceremony, as they disapproved.

Further problems followed including her bridesmaid cancelling because her children were ill.

The vintage car they had booked did not have enough seatbelts, so she was forced to drive herself and her children in her Ford Focus to pick up the dress and get herself to the church, with no make-up on and her dress in the boot.

Trying to make the 20 mile journey in 30 minutes meant care worker Nichola missed the entire ceremony, with Darren walking out at the reception after she arrived.

The couple stayed together but the doomed wedding hung over them and they eventually split up.

"We would probably still be together now if our wedding hadn’t been ruined, Darren told the paper. “It’s not the kind of thing you can get over easily.”

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