Why Do We Really Truly Bother? - By Collette Orji

We got married when I was 20 and he was 25 years, we lived together daily for 64years and we have 2 lovely daughters and a grandson. She will be 85 years old by Saturday and her husband died last week Thursday.

When I met her to talk about it, she said, it’s okay my child, we were expecting it and we prepared for it and we shall have a quiet funeral. I sat quiet as she continued. Have you had your dinner? She asked!
This is an 84 years old bereaved Woman who just lost her husband of 64 years, calm and collected. Looking into her eyes - I understand why SOME FOLKS think I am A STONE!

Yeah! The calmness in the face of a SHAKE, Pressure, discomfort, disconnection, pain, rain, anguish, My Ability to Put Myself together in difficult times is Why I FREAKING DO ME all day 247/365.... Don’t Currrrrrrr!

One of my very Close friend just lost her mother, hence this post! All I think about was that Faithful telephone calls across the shores from LONDON to BOSTON, Nne, Nma Don Die oh!

Oh, my knees, my voice, my senses, oh Oh oh! No one who is unprepared deserves this news. But, but, but, I stammered and My Wonders, y’all know I’m no stammerer . Coco Got Jokes!

I Know EXACTLY how my friend is feeling Right Now! I know! I Know! I Know.

I don’t shy away from discussing death, divorce, dissolution- you see, while people may  focus more on the wedding plans, I’m asking them in my Reality voice - Do you think about divorce too?

To plan for marriage and not consider divorce is as stupid as being alive and not considering death! Oh! I forgot, one is a choice and the other is inevitable.

I think I need sex for the Texas weather to clear up my head. This will certainly Happen. How else can I place death & Divorce On the same play field.

I blab so much! Just stick to the topic Coco.


I know I won’t be alive the day we shall just simply bury the dead, cry with family and go home and try to move on without the PRICE OF BURIAL by both culture & religion in Africa.

To bury a mother in Igboland - ive got a mean smile as I write this line. To bury a mother, father , parent in Igbo Land!

I need to grow up a little more so I can get the right words to describe my heart this minute.

If you have lost your mother, your father, parent, sister, brother, family - someone YOU DIDN’T SEE THEIR DEATH COMING AT ALLL ..... You will understand me. You have truly FELT PAIN.

I know Pain! I see it everyday! I chose to STAND!

May you all stand, may you all continue to live, inspire, DO YOU, because EVEN you shall die, your kids will live to feel that pain. Your brothers and family and friends will feel pain.

 families should talk about death please. It is inevitable right? Why avoid the topic and focus on the ones that y’all know NOTHING about like ANGELS & HELL & a HEAVEN.

Things I know!

Life is Real & Death is real. Make sure you find time to be alive.

You Have Only One life & if you live it Right, ONCE IS ENOUGH.


All rights reserved,© Collette Orji👌🏽

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