Nollywoods Finest Current BOBO...NINO B.

One of Nollywood’s finest @iamnino_b sat down with us to talk a little more about himself 🔥🔥 • Once upon a time, you were told your body type wasn’t agreeable with Nollywood. What changed? •

I guess time changed and God showed up… I think the time wasn’t right, so God injected that excuse to keep me grinding until the right time. Thank God for grace.

At some point in your journey, you delved into music production, but that didn’t quite work out. •

Yes, I did. I believe that experience, along with others, prepared me for today. With it, I was able to study and understand the dynamics of operating within the Nigerian society; how we think and behave here. I must say, this society isn’t for the weak. To excel, you must be willing to give all. Those days are the best part of my life. The failure and lessons. They challenged me so hard and I chose to break a record with it. •

Head over to to see his full interview with Genevieve Magazine #genevievemagazine

You can check his TOES ----SOOO ''FROSH''...

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