Iyabo Ojo releases more photos as she channels her modelling skills for 40th birthday shoot

Iyabo Ojo
If there is one thing uppermost on the mind of top Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo at the moment, that thing would be her 40th birthday coming up in less than a week!

For over two weeks, the actress has continued counting down to the big milestone in her life, leaving us to wonder if one of her greatest goal in her life is to see the age of 40!

Iyabo Ojo
Weeks ago, she hit the studio to have the necessary photoshoot for her birthday and one by one, the mother of two had been been dropping pictures from the photoshoot.
Today however,  Iyabo Ojo could not hold it back as she dropped a number of photos from a session in her shoot.
In this session the actress is wearing a white dress suit with fringes at the hem and spotting a white fringed spectacles.
What also caught our attention  was the seriousness of the shoot, the modelling skills channelled into each shot!
If Iyabo Ojo really tried, she could be a model you know, these photos say it all.

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