Gabrielles Union wednesday crush today is Mary J. Blige...

Today's #WCW is the strong, tenacious, and inspirational @therealmaryjblige. Her recent work in Mudbound is a truly important moment in film that all generations will remember. With her heartfelt and raw performance, it is no wonder the Netflix movie is up for countless awards and is considered a "must-see.” This queen of hip-hop & soul has walked through the fire with her head high and keeps thriving.

I remember a night out in NYC at a tiny lounge just dancing until we were sweating and laughing our asses off. Right then, I had the feeling that I was in the presence of someone who truly gets it, and gets me... and I felt welcome to be my most authentic self, celebrating ME as being imperfectly perfect. She is an ICON and we love her... let us hold her in the light of goodness and continue to cheer her on.


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