Collette Orji - The basic structure, Function & knowledge of Your Urinary System

Humans have two kidneys. The kidneys are bean-shaped organ and they are made up of Nephrons. Each kidney produces At least 30cc of urine every hour. This means that both kidneys produce at least 60cc of Urine every hour and 1,440cc of Urine Every 24Hours.

Some basic structures associated with the urinary system are:-

1: The Ureters: They basically transport Urine from the Kidney to the bladder.

2: Bladder: It’s a hollow shaped organ and they serve as a reservoir for Urine.

3: Urethra: Urine leaves our body through the Urethra.Anytime there’s about 250cc of Urine in the bladder, there will be an urge to urinate.

4: Urine: This is a waste product. Urine is yellowish, Golden in color and odorless with no sediments or particles.

One of the main functions of the urinary system is to regulate the PH of the body. The PH of Urine is 7 and the urinary system maintains Urine’s acidity. The Urinary system also produces and excrete Urine and they also regulate body fluid.

Common problems associated with the Urinary system are:-

A) PolyUria: This is when there is excessive Urination.

B)OliqUria: This is when there is less urine output.

C) Anuria: This is when there is No Urine Output.

D) DysUria: This is basically Painful Urination.

E): HematUria: This is when there is Blood in the urine.

F): Pyuria: This is when there is Pus in the urine.

The Major problems of the urinary system are:-

Urinary tract infections (UTI), Electrolyte Imbalance, Renal( Kidney) Failure etc.

Drugs used for the urinary system are basically:-

Antibiotics, Diuretics, Pottasium Replacement Therapy, Dialysis etc.

Hello my Wonders: Protect Your Vagina, Protect Your Scrotum & Protect Your Urine!
Drink at least 2000cc to 2500cc of water daily because your body excretes about 1500cc of the water as Urine anyways.

Hoping you learn a thing or two! To More Than We Can All Be👌🏽

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