Build Up Your Acumen & Save Your selves From Loathing - By Collette Orji

 I was very careful with the two main words I used here: Acumen & Loathing. You may google these words if this message seems afar! You SHOULD be able to feel, know, see the symptoms and signs when someone LOATHES you (An Intense dislike, hatred towards You). Follow the ACTIONS, Always, always Follow the Actions - Follow the ACTIONS!!!

 There are friends on your facebook pages, Your WhatsApp groups, your Blackberry Chat groups, Your Social media pages - They ONLY comment when THEY Disagree WITH you. They always agree with the party that disagrees with you. They only share their opinions when they FEEL YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT THIS ''OTHER'' WAY. You must be smart my wonders, FOLLOW THE ACTIONS and save yourselves from Those who LOATHE you for posterity.

The new year is fast approaching, I've fucked & dumped these LOATHERS from my life, but every now and then, I recheck & cross check & Take Out More. My wonders, Follow the actions, They can't keep up Fakeness for that long, You also can't keep on being Stupid with important matters in your life.

Build up You Acumen & save yourself from Loathing.


Copyright,© Collette Orji

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