***The pastor my Dad DASHED common sense to for FREE 17 years Ago - Collette Orji ***

Being a man is not a one day Job! Being a family man with grown up kids & a very undefined daughter like me can be Hemiplegic. 

My dads good friend came home one day with a MAN OF GOD whom you can see from the obvious way he hung his bible. His friend said he had to bring the man here because of what they pastor told him. 

My dad asked them into the house and y’all know I’m too nosey for my own benefit. The pastor said he has to pray before anything. 

My dad told him and the friend: No, You don’t have to pray. This is my house. You can ONLY do what I want in my house. You both came here without an invitation so you can as well tell me what it is and I will decide to ask you to pray or not. 

Pastor said, Calm Down Mr Orji, The Lord is good. It is well with your soul and your household. God has remembered you today and all your struggles will turn to Joy. 

That was where the Tables Turned!!!!

Mr Orji Spoke - He said thank you pastor and Mr. ...........::  I have one really big problem and it’s Mr ........ here who has refused to pay my money and holding my business cash trapped. Can you pray for him to pay me my money now that he is right here. 

I involved my self in this matter immediately: I asked, Npa, is he owing you? My dad said yes, That he used up all the money he helped him collect for rents in his last trip to Nigeria. 

Personally I knew it! In my house we always knew it. So it’s the same man that ate all the student rents that brought a pastor to my house and have a vision. 

My dad told the pastor: The man that brought you to my house knows exactly how much he is owing me. It’s not even supposed to be a debt. All he had to do was take money from Point A and bring to point B. He ate my money. He’s been running and running and suddenly he has a pastor that has a vision for me and my household. How do you guys really do this thing Mr Pastor, Didn’t he explain to you that I know this business very well?

My dad advises the pastor to take the man home, pray for him, gather the money and when they bring it - he just may allow him to come and pray in his house. 

Lesson learned Bigly!不不不不不

Of course the man became an enemy! How else can he pay someone’s money that he used up without FIRST of all becoming an enemy!

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