Collette Orji - STORY STORY!!!... STORY! I WAS 9 YEARS OLD...

One day I was so busy playing with kids in my street. A very beautiful game we call STONE.
 And from Nowhere, my mum came and asked me to go buy something from across the street. I was 9years Old and I refused to go because then, that game was too sweet. My mum stopped the game and sent everyone back to their homes.

 So, because of me, the whole game ended. I still refused to go do what she asked me, so I became a wanderer.

I started walking around the street aimlessly and without purpose or direction or destination. I was just walking and going round and round. Anything to do as long as I don't do what she asked me to do.

 That's how one very good neighbor saw me and said, NNE Come, please go to mama Adamma's place and buy me Dodo and Beans Please? Take this is 150CFA please my child. I looked at this woman, standing there asking myself if she normally sees me outside wandering aimlessness. She innocently said, Nne hurry please okay, so you can come back early.


 She was surprised and looked around to know why I was laughing or if she said anything Funny.
I laughed so hard and started going my way with no destination. She had to rush and pull me back and asked me what the problem was or if I was sick.

 I now balance my little miniature self at 9 years old and here's what I said:-

 My Mother sent me to get her something over two hours ago and I refused to go. What on earth will make you think that You will now send me and I will go?

 She said Nne, what do you mean? Are You Okay?

I said, Mama please leave me oh. I am not going. I won't go. Dont send me anywhere. I am Not Going. I refused to go my mother's message so I won't go any one's message. Leave me alone.

 She said, Hmmm, Na wa oh. Please carry your trouble and go before they say I hit you. This woman Had me In her mind for this one incident till I turned about 14/15years of age.

 She Brought It On and I hit even Harder!!! 

 The concluding part next weekend. 

 Copyright, © Collette Orji.

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