Just like you, I am also waiting for a miracle - Linda Ikeji's new message to her fans

Moments ago, 37-year-old Nigeria's richest blogger Linda Ikeji posted this message on Instagram.

Just like you, I'm also waiting for a miracle. A lot of people are...but here's what I know about miracles. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. But the other times, you have to have faith and never doubt that it's coming. You have to believe that God has heard you and He's working to send your miracle your way. You MUST believe! 

You don't know when it's coming or how it's coming...just believe it's coming because God said it is coming. So relax, it will get to your turn soon! If you want to, you can remind God from time to time by going on your knees. All the best! 😚😚

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