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This article is for Females, Young Girls, African Women, My Wonders & Blog Addicts.

Dear Wonders, Condoms are Not only used to prevent Pregnancy OR HIV. The only sexually transmitted disease you all talk about is HIV. I want to talk to you women today about the seriousness of Gonorrhea.

The way most of our African Young men & Women rush into the sex, penetration of the penis & the sudden ejaculation one will think something is chasing them or they are chasing something. There's usually Minimal foreplay (which sometimes it's obviously unnecessary), and because they didn't plan to make use of condoms beforehand, they usually 'Forget' to wear their protection.

Gonorrhea, if untreated leads to Infertility & complete REMOVAL of your reproductive organs depending on the stage of detection. It can be as Deadly as AIDS.

How can one contact the disease? By having unprotected sex with someone who is infected. It may take up to six months for WOMEN to know that they Have Gonorrhea and usually at this stage, It's difficult to treat as it may not respond to Antibiotics and you may need Surgery to remove your reproductive organs thereby becoming Infertile. Ask those who are suffering from their PAST.

So dear men, keep on putting your penis into every hole without protection and dear women, keep on opening your vagina to every penis without protection - Gonorrhea does not show on WOMENS FACES.

Men are Lucky once again here! They are the lucky ones. They can know they have gonorrhea in a matter of days, even know exactly who infected them (depending on when last they had sex) and they start TREATMENT immediately. Women Won't Know they have contacted this disease for so long and it's also one of the causes of Infertility TODAY.

In the western world, first world countries, BY LAW, When a man is been treated for Gonorrhea, they usually request the list the names of the women he's had sex with under a certain number of days, and the government will locate these women, counsel them to carry out the test so as to contain the possible spread of the disease should they have multiple partners.

In Nigeria and most African Countries - YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! The man DOES NOT even call to Let you know that you have gonorrhea. So, you go on living with it and possibly continue the spread if you have more unprotected sex. The circle continues, and you see these FAKE women running to Pastors 7 the Church Lying to everyone who cares to listen to their fabricated lies.


Most Often than Not, Women rely on the men to Give them this information, Imagine when the man just shuts down & probably just avoids you but didn't tell you why? Go for a quick test then, Maybe he found out you infected him. Most men in developing countries, won't tell you the woman, even in first world countries, I bet if it wasn't like a medical requirement, im not sure they would. The hands of the law have to extend to Health Industries absolutely.

Dear women, Sex last for just a few minutes ( 5 to 10 at most), Spread the information & Not the disease. Thank You!

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