Collette Orji - The State oF Toilets In My Primary School!!!

The Primary School I went To Had Two Toilets with eight holes (Pith Toilet setting). one for males and one for females. No designed structure with how Urine Flow should follow any pathway, and

Eight people can be making use of the toilet at once with all eight people seeing each other and their legs or shoes sometimes touching. The same for the males! The pathway leading to the school toilet was messed up with feces that men from the transport parks defecated at the door entrance. The was no tap for washing hands close by as the school had ONLY ONE RUNNING PUBLIC TAP and it was miles off towards the refectory.

I was in this school for SEVEN WHOLE YEARS. I used this toilet once and the second time I was punished to clean the toilet. In my days in school, we had Females who were, 13 to 15 in primary school, they must have been having their menses,(Period). How on earth did they Cope? How? I left primary school @ Age 11.

I am thinking - Toilets in Africa, You want to help? You want To preach, You want to lecture me some bullshit - Let's build Toilets in Africa. Please tell us how your primary school toilet was - wanna share?


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